Blue Ridge Parkway Travel Guide

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.  While not officially a national park, it is part of the National Park System (NPS).   Every year, since 1946, except for 1949, The Parkway has been the most visited part of the NPS.

Updated: 8/25/2022

The Parkway travels for 469 Miles from The Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Cherokee Indian Reservation in NC.  The Parkway travels along some of the highest ridges and mountains in North Carolina and is known for its incredible scenic views.  The highest point is located near Waynesville, NC at Milepost 431 where the elevation is 6,053 feet.

Traveling along the parkway you'll venture through numerous tunnels, have the opportunity to stop at numerous overlooks and see wildflowers, wildlife, and waterfalls.  There are also numerous hiking trails along the parkway to explore.

Blue Ridge Parkway History

The Blue Ridge Parkway was part of The New Deal instituted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress.  The New Deal was designed to provide work for those unemployed and poor as a result of The Great Depression.  Construction on the Parkway began on September 11, 1935, near Cumberland Knob in North Carolina.  The Parkway was completed 52 years later near Linn Cove Viaduct, which runs around Grandfather Mountain.

The Parkway itself, especially Linn Cove Viaduct, is an American engineering marvel.  The parkway winds its way along the mountain ridges, through mountain valleys (often called Gaps along the Parkway) and over and around many of the tallest peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway also designed the Parkway to have a minimal impact the mountains and to be barely visible from lower elevations.   Tunnels were often used to avoid damaging mountains and causing large "scars".   North Carolina contains 25 tunnels and there is 1 in Virginia.

Access Points

There are numerous access points, but no direct interchanges to interstate highways on the Parkway.  Engineers developed small side roads that serve as access points to various NC highways.   The Parkway has numerous access points along many large and smaller roads in Virginia and North Carolina.   Some of these would probably be considered by most to be trails and not roads.

There are many different "major entrances" where the Parkway crosses larger roads in larger towns and cities.  Their entrances are generally where the majority of people enter.   These are:

Rockfish Gap (Northern End of the Parkway)

Rockfish Gap is accessible via Virginia Interstate 64 from Staunton, Charlottesville, and Richmond VA.   Rockfish Gap is Exit 99.  Rockfish Gap is also the southernmost access point for Skyline Drive.

Roanoke, VA - Highway 220

From Roanoke, VA, take Interstate 581/220 to Milepost 121 on the Parkway.  The Parkway is about 5 miles from Roanoke.

Fancy Gap, VA - Interstate 77

There is no direct interchange between the Parkway and Interstate 77, although the Parkway does cross I77.  To access the Parkway from I77, take Exit 8 to Highway 52 and follow the signs to the Parkway.  You'll enter the parkway at Milepost 199.

Deep Gap, NC - Highway 421 - Near Boone and Blowing Rock

The Blue Ridge Parkway is accessible to both Boone and Blowing Rock at MP 291.8 off US 321/221.  From Boone, take highway 321 South about 5 miles.  From Blowing Rock, take highway 321 North about 1 mile.

Linville, NC - Interstate 40 and Highway 221

Traveling west on Interstate 40, towards Asheville NC, the easiest Parkway access is via Highway 221 towards Linville NC.   Take exit 86 off I-40 (Large Love's Travel Stop is there).  Take 226, then 221 towards Marion, NC.  Distance to MP317.5 on the Parkway is about 26 miles.

You can also take 226 off 221 and catch the Parkway at MP330.9 in Spruce Pine.  Highway 226 in this area is pretty narrow and a  very winding road.

Asheville, NC - Interstate 40

Asheville NC has several Blue Ridge Parkway Access points:

  1. Alt-74 to MP384.7 -  From I40, take exit 52 to Bat Cave.  Less than half a mile after exiting you'll go under the Parkway and the Parkway access road will be on your right.
  2. US25 (Hendersonville Rd) - US25 is the road to the Biltmore Estate entrance.   From I40, take exit 50A, and go south on US25.  The Parkway access road is located about 3 miles south of I-40.
  3. I-26 - From I-26, take exit 33 to US 191 (Brevard Rd).  Take US191 South.  The Parkway access is about 3 miles down US191.  Just watch for the signs.

Waynesville, NC - Highway 74/23

From Waynesville NC, head towards Sylva on Highway 74/23/441.  The Parkway access road will be on the right about 4.5 miles after leaving Waynesville.  This will bring you onto the Parkway at MP 443.1.

Maggie Valley, NC - Highway 19

From Maggie Valley NC, head west on Highway 19 towards Cherokee NC.  The Parkway entrance is about 4 miles past Ghost Town in the Sky.   This access point will bring you onto the Parkway at MP 455.7.

Maggie Valley NC

See our Maggie Valley NC Guide for more information!

Cherokee, NC (Southern end of the Parkway)

Cherokee, NC is the southern end of The Blue Ridge Parkway where the Parkway connects with Highway 441 for access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  From Cherokee, take US 441 towards the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Just prior to reaching the Oconoluftee Visitors Center, you'll see the Parkway entrance on your right.  Just watch for the signs.  Milepost 469.1


Information on current closures on The Blue Ridge Parkway can be found on the Parkway's Real-time Closure page.

Parkway Travel Tips

We've traveled various sections of The Blue Ridge Parkway more times than we can count.   We've traveled with family members, in groups of multiple cars, with young kids, and with no kids.   We've also driven during all 4 seasons.   As a result, we have lots of helpful tips to help you when traveling the parkway.

So many tips, in fact, we wrote up a separate article about them.   Visit our Blue Ridge Parkway tips page for lots of tips!

Things to do on the Blue Ridge Parkway, by Milepost

When many people think of the parkway, they think of a beautiful, serene and quiet drive through the upper elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Well, they're right, as traveling the parkway is all of this and more.  The Parkway is more than just a beautiful road you can drive on.   

Throughout its 469 miles, there are tons of hiking trails, overlooks, places of interest, visitors centers, waterfalls and more.

Rhododendron on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Rhododendron on the Blue Ridge Parkway

In fact, there is so much to do, it would be near impossible for us to cover it all, but we'll definitely hit on some of the highlights.  Locations on The Parkway are marked by mileposts, small stones to the side of the road with mile marker numbers on them.

Here's a list, by milepost, of things to do on The Blue Ridge Parkway:

MP 469.1 - Cherokee and The Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Lots to do in both of these areas: attractions, hiking, scenic drives, Elk, fishing ... you name it.  Cherokee is also the location for Harrah's Casino, a very popular attraction and travel destination for people all around the world.  Be sure to visit Mingo Falls while you're there.

Cherokee NC

MP 458.2 - Heintooga/Balsam Mountain Rd - The Blue Ridge Parkway has a number of side or spur roads.   Balsam Mountain Road takes you past mile high campground, a few gorgeous overlooks, and into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  You'll pass the Masonic Marker as well.  At the end of the road, you can find the trailhead for Flat Creek Trail and the entrance to Heintooge Round Bottom Road.

Heintooga Round Bottom Road

MP 455.7 - Soco Gap/Maggie Valley, NC - The Parkway crosses over Highway 19 at Soco Gap, providing access to Cherokee NC and Maggie Valley, NC.  Drive south on Highway 19 towards Cherokee on Highway 19 to Soco Falls, a real hidden gem and one of our favorite NC waterfalls.  Stop here and be sure and eat at Frankie's Italian Trattoria and visit Maggie Mountaineer Crafts as well.

MP451.2 - Waterrock Knob Nearly 6,000 feet in elevation, the area provides beautiful sunset and sunrise views, and throughout the day, under clear conditions, provides fantastic views of the surrounding mountains.   There is also a small visitors center, parking lot and a fairly steep trail to the top of "the knob".  A gorgeous place to see both sunsets and sunrises.

Waterrock Knob Blue Ridge Parkway

Waterrock Knob, Blue Ridge Parkway

MP422.4 Devil's CourthouseThis is a popular overlook and hiking location.  The overlook provides great views of the surrounding mountains, and in particular of Devil's Courthouse and its rocky face.   You can also hike the trail up the top.

MP 443.1: US 74/23 Waynesville NC - The parkway crosses over US 74/23 here, and offers access to Waynesville NC, Sylva and Dillsboro NC.   Western Carolina University is in nearby Cullowhee.  Waynesville is a great little town and offers a more rural location than larger Asheville NC.  Downtown Waynesville is a popular tourist location due to it's "old-fashioned feel" and numerous unique stores and restaurants.   Waynesville is also home to Barber Orchard, a fantastic apple orchard.  Stop in Waynesville NC, visit downtown, Winchester Creek Farm and have dinner at The Sweet Onion restaurant.

MP 431.4 Richland Balsam Overlook - the Highest point on the Parkway at 6, 047 feet.  There is also a 1.5-mile loop trail leading to the summit of Richland Balsam.

MP 430  Cowee Mountains Overlook - This overlook provides beautiful mountain views at an elevation of 5,950 feet.  It is one of the most popular places for photographers to take sunset photos.

Cowee Mountain Overlook

Cowee Mountain Overlook

MP 420.2 Black Balsam -  Hiking over two bald mountains at elevations over 6,000 feet.  Offers stunning and unique views of The Blue Ridge Mountains.  See our guide to Black Balsam for more information!

Black Balsam

Black Balsam

MP 418.8 - Graveyard Fields - One of our favorite places on the Parkway.  Graveyard fields offers unique vegetation, hiking trails and waterfalls and absolutely gorgeous colors in fall.   Graveyard Fields is one of the first areas on the parkway to turn.

Fall at Lower Falls, Graveyard Fields

Fall colors at Graveyard Fields

MP 417 - Looking Glass Rock Overlook - One of the best places to see the beautiful, and unique Looking Glass Rock.  But that's not why we're mentioning this overlook.  The Looking Glass Rock Overlook is also the location of the trailhead to what was one of our favorite waterfall areas and swimming holes.  

Unfortunately,  Skinny Dip Falls was the victim of severe flooding in 2021, and the Falls as most knew them are now gone.  The area as significantly impacted and not the same as it was.

Looking Glass Rock Blue Ridge Parkway

Fall Colors at Looking Glass Rock Overlook

MP 412 - US 276 crossing - US276 through Pisgah National Forest, and between Waynesville NC and Brevard NC crosses the parkway here.   Nearby on US276 are Looking Glass Falls, Sliding Rock and Dupont State Forest.

MP 409.6 Fryingpan Mountain Lookout Tower - A 1.5-mile roundtrip hike offers access to Fryingpan tower, a fire watch tower built in the 40s by the National Park Service.   The tower offers gorgeous, high elevation scenic views.  The tower is locked, but you can climb the stairs for a better view.

MP 408 - Mount Pisgah and the Pisgah Inn- Scenic views, hiking trails, Pisgah Inn, and camping make this location along the parkway very popular.  The location contains two main trails, one to the top of Mount Pisgah and another called "Shut-in" trail.  Shut-in trail is a 16-mile trail that is part of a much larger trail created by George Vanderbilt for hunting parties.

MP 388.8: US 25 crossing - Biltmore Estate -  Located just a short drive north along US25 is the entrance to Biltmore Estate.  This is also a really nice and historic area of Asheville.

Spring at Biltmore

Biltmore Estate

MP 384 - Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center - The visitors center not only provides some beautiful views, but has bathrooms, and nice store.

MP 364.4 Craggy Gardens Visitor Center - One of our favorite locations, with beautiful views and hiking trails.  Craggy Gardens is one of our favorite family hiking destinations.

Craggy Gardens

Craggy Gardens

MP 362.1 Glassmine Falls - The 200-foot tall waterfall, Glassmine falls is visible from this overlook.  Make sure you visit after a rain when it's flowing the strongest.

MP 355.4 Mount Mitchell - Take a drive up the tallest mountain in North Carolina and east of the Mississippi River at 6,684 feet.

MP 339.5 Crabtree Falls - Take the 3-mile hike out to this beautiful 70-foot tall waterfall.  See photos and learn more in our Crabtree Falls Guide.

Crabtree Falls Blue Ridge Parkway

MP 344 - Little Switzerland - A neat, small little town with a little shopping, food, and gas.  Located nearby are Grassy Creek Falls, and Emerald Village, neat historical mining areas just 3 miles off the parkway.

MP 328.3 - The Orchard at Altapass - A 100+ year old Apple Orchard, that has been turned into a cultural center.  There is always something going on here, spring, summer and fall.  Music, dancing, crafts and there is lots to eat!

MP 324.8 - Bear Den Campground - A private campground located off the parkway a bit.   We have some very fond memories camping here with our kids.  Large campground, with plenty of room for big RVs.  They have a camp store, fishing pond, playground equipment for the kids, and a few hiking trails.  One leads out to a really pretty waterfall.  Visit their website for more information.

MP 317.4 US 221 Crossing - Just south of here is Linville Caverns, one of the few underground caverns in NC.   We've been there many times and always enjoy it.  Warning, it's often crowded in the summer months and on weekends.

MP 316.3 - Linville Falls - Beautiful waterfalls, and two hiking trails (one that's really easy) make for a great place to stop.   Linville Falls is one of our favorite NC waterfalls and is a great family-friendly location for hiking.  See our Linville Falls guide for lots of photos, trail information, and more.

Linville Falls

Linville Falls

MP 302.8 - Rough Ridge - Hike out Tanawha trail along a 1/3 mile long boardwalk that runs across the top of Rocky Ridge.  Offers outstanding views of the Blue Ridge and of The Parkway and Linn Cove Viaduct.

MP 304.4 - Linn Cove Viaduct - Be sure and drive across this iconic section and engineering marvel of The Blue Ridge Parkway.  When people think of the parkway, the Linn Cove Viaduct comes to mind.  See our complete guide to Linn Cove Viaduct.

Fall Color at Linn Cove Viaduct

MP 305 - Grandfather Mountain - Take 221 to reach this famous NC Mountain and be sure and drive to the top and walk across the "mile high bridge" for stunning views.  Lots of camping and hiking trails in the area as well.

Fall at Grandfather Mountain

MP 295 - 298 Julian Price Memorial Park - Hiking, picnicking, camping and trails all around this beautiful mountain lake.  Excellent photo spot.   This park was the retreat for a former insurance executive.

MP 292 - to 295 - Moses Cone Memorial Park - Hiking, horse trails, and Flat Top Manor.  You can also fish here.

MP 291.9 - US 321 Crossing - Head north on 321 for 7 miles to Boone, NC and south on 321 for 2 miles to Blowing Rock, NC.   You'll find Tweetsie Railroad here.

MP 271.9 - Cascade Falls - Take the .8 mile loop trail out to Cascade Falls and back.  Cascade falls is over 250 feet in length.

MP 258.6 - Northwest Trading Post - Gift shop and resting stop.  Offers various crafts from North Carolina's northwestern counties.  Closed from November to April.

MP 238.5 to 244.7 - Doughton Park - This 7,000-acre park offers hiking, picnic spots, and camping.  The park also features a few historic buildings and locations.  The park is a popular location to see wildlife, especially deer.  During the winter, it's a great location to cross-country ski.

MP 238.5 - Brinegar Cabin - The northern gateway to Doughton Park, this historic cabin was built in 1880 by Martin Brinegar.  The cabin contains a loom that is more than 100 years old and is used for craft demonstrations during the summer.  Two trails for Doughton Park, Cedar Ridge Trail (4.3 miles) and Bluff Mountain Trail (7.5 miles) both begin here.

MP 217.5 - Cumberland Knob Visitor Center - Here is where it all begin.  Cumberland Knob was where construction of the parkway began in 1935.  Restrooms, picnic area, and water.  There are two trails here, one a short hike to Cumberland Knob, the other a longer hike to Gully Creek Gorge.

MP 216.9 NC/Virginia State Line

MP 213 - Blue Ridge Music Center, Galax VA - Learn about the history of Blue Ridge Mountain music and see performances.  Learn more on their website.

MP 189.9 - Puckett Cabin - Visit the last home of Orlean Hawks Puckett (1844-1939). Ms. Puckett was a midwife who delivered more than 1,000 babies between 1890 - 1939.

MP 188.8 - Groundhog Mountain - Observation tower, picnic area, restrooms, and scenic views.

MP 176.1 - Mabry Mill - Another iconic Parkway location.  Marbry Mill was run by E.B. Mabry between 1910 and 1935.  A short trail leads youth this historic and beautiful gristmill, sawmill, and blacksmith shop.  During the summer months,  old crafting skills are demonstrated in the summer and fall.  This mill is a feature of many very famous photos.  A definite "must stop" location along the parkway.

Mabry Mill

By Gary Boyd -

MP167  - Rocky Knob - Considered by many to be one of the roughest areas of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Rocky Knob offers: camping, hiking, mountain ridges, and spring wildflowers and rhododendrons.  Rocky Knob has a visitor's center and a 72-site picnic area.

MP 154 - The Trail Cabin/Smart View - Nice 3 mile loop hiking trail, 1890's historic cabin, and scenic views.

MP120.4 - Roanoke Mountain - Take a scenic 4-mile one-way loop road over Roanoke Mountain.  You'll be rewarded with stunning views of Roanoke, Roanoke Valley, and Mill Mountain.   There are picnic areas, hiking and hiking trails in this area.  The huge neon star, often associated with Roanoke, sits on top of Mill Mountain.

MP 85.9 - Peaks of Otter - Named for 3 peaks, Sharp Top, Flat Top, and Harkening Hill, this location has hiking trails, scenic vistas, camping, picnic areas, cultural displays, and a restaurant and lodge.  A nice location to watch the sunrise.

MP 63.6 - James River Visitor Center - Location of a water canal along the James river completed in 1851.  Visitors can see on the restored lift locks, of the original 90.  There is a visitor center, campground, picnic area, restaurant, gift shop and fishing dock

MP 34.4 - The Yankee Horse Ridge - Features old narrow gauge railroad track that was once part of the Irish Creek Railway, a logging railroad.  Old logging exhibits are also here for visitors to see.

MP 5 - Humpback Rocks - Features old farm buildings from the 1800s.  During the summer, visitors can see many different history demonstrations and crafting activities.

MP 0 - Rockfish Gap - Marks the Northern Entrance to The Parkway and the connector to Virginia's Skyline Drive.

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