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Boone NC is one of those places we had heard about often, but had only visited a few times.  Even saying we visited Boone would be a stretch, as we often just drove through it on our way to some waterfall or hiking trail.  

However, we're recently fallen in love with Boone NC and really enjoy our visits to the High Country, where we explore, shop, and just enjoying everything that Boone offers. We also enjoy heading south, and spending time in Blowing Rock NC as well.

Boone North Carolina, is a beautiful town, full of all of those modern conveniences you would expect, but also keeping that small mountain town feeling.  

We love Boone NC, and look forward to going back soon!

Where is Boone NC?

Things to do in Boone NC

Boone NC is in Watauga County, North Carolina, and is also the county-seat. Boone is the home of Appalachian State University, which literally sits in the town's heart.  

Boone NC is about 2 hours north of Charlotte NC, 3 hours west of Raleigh NC, and about 2 hours east of Asheville NCBoone is a popular mountain destination for those in the Charlotte and Raleigh areas because of its proximity. 

History of Boone North Carolina 

History of Boone NC - Daniel Boone

They named Boone after the famed Appalachian explorer, Daniel Boone.  Daniel Boone often camped at a location agreed to be within the current city limits on Boone.

Railroads were important to the success of mountain towns. Boone was no exception, being served by the narrow gauge East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad (more commonly called "Tweetsie" by the locals). This railroad service contributed significantly to Boone's growth.

A major flood in 1940 washed away a good amount of track, and the railroad decided not to replace it. What remains of the railroad we can find today at nearby Tweetsie Railroad.  

Boone is the home of Appalachian State University, a "constituent member" of the University of North Carolina system.   Appalachian State is the sixth-largest university in North Carolina's seventeen-campus system.

Today, Boone NC is the largest community of the seven-county region of Western North Carolina, commonly referred to as "The High Country".  

Boone NC Webcams

Boone NC has several webcams that can explore the local scenery and keep up to date with weather. Here is a listing:

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Things to do in Boone NC

Things to do in Boone NC - Elk Knob State Park

Boone itself and its surrounding areas are full of things to do and see. Things to do near Boone NC include visiting a local brewery, shopping, and exploring boutiques in beautiful downtown Boone.

Appalachian State University provides a shot of energy and youth to the streets and sounds of Boone. Boone also serves as a base for those who wish to adventure into the outdoors for hiking, mountain biking, camping, kayaking, and skiing.

Boone NC reminds us of a smaller and more youthful Asheville NC, mainly because of the university influence.

Regardless of your interest, Boone NC delivers on all kinds of things to do and see for everyone. Boone can definitely keep you busy when visiting. 

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Where to Eat in Boone NC

Shrimp and Grits at Vidalia in Boone NC

Given the university and student focus of Boone NC, we arrived to expect typical college fair food. You know, quick, cheap, but decent.

While where are certainly many options like this, there are also some excellent and locally owned dining options for tourists and visitors. Boone offers anything from sushi to Italian, and pretty much everything in between.  

We would recommend trying some of the local gems if you have a chance. The atmosphere is always pleasant, and the food quality is usually top-notch. If you're looking to splurge a bit or try something new, there are plenty of places around Boone that will satisfy your appetite! 

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Where to stay in Boone NC

In the busy streets of Boone, there are a host of different places for you to complete your stay, whether you want to be cozy and warm inside or take an overnight trip into the peaceful woods, away from the crowd. Options for where to stay include:

  • Cabin Rentals
  • Hotels
  • Camping

Best Place to Stay in Boone NC

Blue Ridge Tourist Court Boone NC

Our favorite place to stay in Boone NC is at the vintage Blue Ridge Tourist Court Motel.  This restored vintage motel  is situated nearby to historic downtown Boone and offers a unique mix of modern amenities with historic charm and a boutique experience.

The motel provides guests with clean and comfortable rooms equipped with all the amenities like air conditioning, cable TV, free Wi-Fi access, microwaves, and refrigerators.    

The motel is quiet, clean, comfortable and charming, with multiple room configurations to suit many needs, including families. We really enjoyed our stay and loved the vintage feel.

Cabins in Boone NC

A very popular choice for visitors traveling into Boone NC are cabin rentals. The popularity of cabins because of VRBO and AirBnB has just exploded. Honestly, it's our favorite stay option as well, if we can find something that meets our travel budget.

Cabins provide safe and clean accommodations and often with many amenities, at very reasonable prices. You'll find lots of different cabin rental options in and around Boone NC.  

Here are our top picks:

Hotels in Boone NC

The most popular place to stay when visiting Boone NC are hotels. Hotels offer may pleasant features at a reasonable price and additionally often place you right in the middle of everything to do. Boone offers several commercial hotel options that are highly rated.

Here are our top picks:

Camping in Boone NC

Whether you're looking for luxury RV hookups or a simple tent camping site with a great spot to hang that hammock, Boone NC campgrounds give you options for everyone's tastes. You can view the nature all around you while listening to the sounds of nature all around you, falling asleep at peace and waking up to a warm coffee to start your day.

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