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Hiking is one of the most popular and enjoyable activities you can do in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There is nothing like taking a short day hike through the woods or even an overnight hike to make you forget about the pressures of the modern world and remind you about what is truly important about our lives.  Hiking is a great way to stay fit and be outdoors at the same time as well.

Fortunately, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennesee, and Georgia have nearly 5,000 miles of hiking trails.   3,000 of those being in Western North Carolina.  The biggest problem is choosing which ones to hike, and finding a good trail for you, based on your experience and physical fitness.

Below is a list of our top hiking trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and ones that we’ve personally hiked.  Each listing links out to a detailed guide and write-up on the trail.  Our guides provide lots of photos, directions, tips, and information to help you decide which trails are right for you!  All of these trails require basic day hiking gear, but nothing out of the ordinary, such as climbing gear.

Top Hiking Trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains

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