Blue Ridge Mountain Life is your online guide to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and in particular to Western North Carolina.  It is locally owned and operated as Blue Ridge Mountain Life LLC by Larry and Jenn Deane from their home in Maggie Valley NC.  

Blue Ridge Mountain Life has been online since 2013, and includes hiking guides, waterfall guides, information on things to do, area attractions, hiking and camping product reviews, photo collections, and much more!

Our Story

In 2008, we made a life-changing move from “city living” in Charlotte NC, to “mountain living” in Maggie Valley NC.  For Mother’s Day, Jenn decided she wanted to go on a family hike that had a waterfall.  We headed out to Gabes Mountain Trail (this is the very first article we published) to visit Hen Wallow Falls.   We decided to become avid hikers after that, and began searching for new and exciting trails to try as a family of eight.   

We were hooked …

That day was another life-changing event for us.  Not only did we want to live in the mountains, but we wanted to be outdoors, hiking and finding waterfalls.   Finding new waterfalls became almost an obsession, and still is to this today.

We struggled to find good information, with lots of good photos, directions, and tips for families.   That struggle combined with our passion and experience as photographers become Blue Ridge Mountain Life.   Blue Ridge Mountain life was created to be an online resource for people visitors and locals looking for great hikes, remote places to see, and of course waterfalls.   

Our Goal is to be Your Guide to Life in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Moving to the mountains changed our lives, it gave us a new perspective on what’s truly important life.  It made us realize how much time we wasted on things, and pursuing careers that kept us from truly enjoying life and all of the beauty around us.   These mountains made us re-prioritize, change our goals, and our lives.   We now live to experience nature and all of the wonderful things this world provides.  

The Blue Ridge Mountains get in your soul and change it.  They refresh and renew you.

Blue Ridge Mountain Life Today

Since our start in 2013, we’ve constantly added new content and features, generally multiple times per week.  Each time we go out to visit some new location in the Blue Ridge, we find even more places to visit in the future.  There is never a shortage of things to do and see in these mountains.

We spend most of our time hiking and finding new waterfalls (we have over 80 guides written), but we also enjoy traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway, visiting locations in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, hiking in Pisgah National Forest, visiting Biltmore Estate, and of course enjoying all of the wonderful small mountain towns in the area, with their great attractions.  

The majority of the photos you’ll see, we take, while out on our excursions.  We do use photos from other local photographers as well, and we note those in our articles.  Please do not use our photos or the photos from other photographers without permission.

We recently started a new “sister” site, focusing specifically on the town of Maggie Valley, NC where we live.  You can find detailed information about Maggie Valley and area things to do on the website, https://maggievalleynclife.com

We’re always open to your feedback, suggestions, and ideas!  Feel free to contact us anytime.

More About Larry

Larry Blue Ridge Mountain LifeI am a native of Northern Virginia but have lived in North Carolina for more than 30 years.  I’ve been visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains since I was a child, visiting with my family, then with my girlfriend, who is now wife.   I grew interested in photography as a youth when my Grandfather gave me an old camera to play with while at the beach.  I purchased my first Canon SLR as a teenager, and have been hooked since.

I graduated from UNC Charlotte, with a degree in Computer Science, and began working in Charlotte, NC.  Soon after, Jenn and I were married and started a family together.

I began an interest in building an internet-based business in 2006 when I built a number of successful websites that provided various information and answers for people.  Blue Ridge Mountain Life was one of those, and the site I’m most proud of.  My hope is to be able to make the jump to operating Blue Ridge Mountain Life full-time.  I currently work full-time for a large US Financial company as an IT Manager.

More about Jenn

Jenn is a North Carolina native, who grew up in the Charlotte area.  She began visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC as a young child.  

Jenn began her interest in photography as a child but really became passionate after marrying Larry and having their first child.   Jenn is very artistic, and in addition to having a natural talent for drawing and painting, she realized she had a talent for photography as well.

Jenn contributes many of the photographs and videos used here on Blue Ridge Mountain Life, and assists by finding new and exciting new places for her and Larry to visit along with helping to run the various social media sites.

Jenn’s proudest life accomplishment is mothering 6 children.  She was and is passionate about keeping them outside, hiking and teaching them about nature.  She and Larry now have 4 adult children, all of them successful, and pursuing their goals and dreams.

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