Maggie Valley NC

Maggie Valley NC is a small and friendly mountain town in Western North Carolina.   Maggie Valley has been a popular mountain vacation destination for families for years, and that tradition condition today.  

When you visit Maggie Valley, you'll find great places to stay and eat, tons of small and unique shops, and lots to see and do, including outdoor activities in the surrounding Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

Maggie Valley NC - The Center of everything to to do in Western NC

Not only is Maggie Valley located in a beautiful location, it has the advantage of being at the center of many fun things to see and do in the Western NC Mountains.

Maggie Valley is only 40 minutes west of Asheville, NC, 30 minutes from Cherokee NC, and only minutes away from the most popular National Park in the United States, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Maggie Valley will keep you busy during the day with:

Prefer to just relax and enjoy the sights, sounds, and crisp mountain air, well Maggie Valley has plenty of that as well.

Our "A Day in Maggie Valley Video"

This is the first in a series of "A Day in Maggie Valley NC" videos we will be doing on our YouTube channel.  

Maggie Valley NC Then and Now

Maggie Valley was established in 1904, and during the 1960s became a very popular mountain tourist destination. 

Maggie Valley was named after Maggie Mae Setzer, the daughter of Jack Setzer, who established the first post office.  

He submitted possible town names as using his daughter's names, and Maggie, specifically Maggie Valley was selected.

Jack told told his daughter, Maggie, that the town would be named after her, and she was so embarrassed from the news, that she burst into tears and ran up the mountain to the old Log Cabin where she was born!

Early Photo of Ghost Town in the Sky

During the 60s and 70s, people from all over the world flocked to Maggie Valley to not only visit the Smoky Mountains, but to also visit Ghost Town in the Sky, which opened on May 1, 1961, and became one of most popular tourist attractions in Western North Carolina.

Today, Maggie Valley continues to be a popular tourist destination, but the now closed and for sale Ghost Town in the Sky is no longer the main attraction.  

Waterrock Knob

Maggie Valley attracts visitors from around the world due to it being at the center of many of the things to see and do in Western North Carolina.   Maggie Valley NC is also full of family owned and unique stores, restaurants, hotels, motels and attractions.

Major attractions include The Great Smoky Mountains National ParkThe Blue Ridge Parkway, Wheels of Time Museum, Elevated Mountain Distillery and Cataloochee Ski Resort.  Maggie Valley is also well known for its numerous events, at the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds.

Cataloochee Ski Area

One of the "Stars of the Show" per-say, are the Elk that inhabit the area.  They can often be seen in the town of Maggie Valley itself, along with Cataloochee Valley, and near the Ocnoluftee Visitor Center in nearby Cherokee NC.

Elk in Cataloochee Valley, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The majority of businesses and attractions in Maggie Valley NC are located along Soco Rd, which goes through the middle of Maggie Valley, up to the Blue Ridge Parkway on onto Cherokee.

What to do in Maggie Valley

Waterrock Knob Blue Ridge Parkway

Waterrock Knob, Blue Ridge Parkway

Not only are there many different things to see and do in the town of Maggie itself, Maggie Valley is also within a 1 hour drive of numerous scenic views, waterfalls, and popular outdoor mountain attractions.  

This includes being just minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  

Just some of the wonderful things to do in Maggie Valley NC include: 

Fall Colors Soco Falls

Soco Falls, near Maggie Valley

Maggie is also full of great places to stay, including creekside hotels and motels, and plenty of rental cabins and campgrounds!   For a complete list of lodging options, visit our Maggie Valley website.

With all of these awesome things to see and do, you're guaranteed to work up a appetite!   You won't go hungry in Maggie Valley, with many different places to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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Be sure to visit our sister website, Maggie Valley NC Life for lots more information things to do, where to stay, and where to eat in Maggie Valley.   It's not just our favorite place in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it's our home.

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