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Welcome to our Partner page!  On this page, you'll learn more about being a Blue Ridge Mountain Life Partner, our website and social media reach, and just how much we love working together for win/win relationships with local Blue Ridge Mountain businesses, tourism agencies and corporations influencing the area.

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Why be a Blue Ridge Mountain Life Partner?

As a local Blue Ridge Mountain business ourselves, we fully understand that local businesses run on a fixed income, and have to be diligent about where they spend their hard earned money.   Here are just a few reasons why we think you'll be completely satisfied with your decision to partner with us here at Blue Ridge Mountain Life:

  • We Reach 100s of thousands of people - Our 200+ page website receives more than 480,000 users and over 775,000 pageviews each year.  Our mission is to help people find their next Blue Ridge Mountain Life Adventure, and to serve as THE guide for all things Blue Ridge Mountain related.  Our website is used to do just that, every single day, by people, families and couples looking to visit and explore these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, from all over the world.
  • We're influencers - Our Facebook Page is followed by more than 170,000 people.  Our Facebook Group has over 315,000 members, and is growing daily.  Our Facebook group is one of, if not the largest, Facebook group on the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.  In March of 2022, our Facebook page reached more than 4 million people!   Other numbers include: 10,000+ followers on Instagram, 9,600+ followers on TikTok, and 3,000+ subscribers on YouTube.
  • We're locals - Many competitor sites are run by companies or people that don't even live here.  We live in and are headquartered in Maggie Valley NC.   We are active, well known, and respected in our community.  As locals, we offer personal experience, travel guides and insight that others just cannot provide.
  • Our Content - We strive to provide THE highest quality content on the Blue Ridge Mountains available on the internet, this includes our photos, written content and video content.

Some of our Current Partners

Here are just a few of our current partners:

How YOU can Partner With Us (What we offer)

We believe 100% in only entering into win/win partnerships.  We firmly believe that both us AND you should "win" from us working together.  

We are open to any ideas you may have for us partnering together, but here are just a few of the services we can offer you:

  • Influencer marketing campaigns (these are our preferred partnerships)
    • Article/Social Media Posts/Videos during and/or after a a visit to your business or location
    • Ongoing content and social media posts, providing reminders to our audience of your business, or new announcements.
    • Examples: 
      • A weekend stay in your rental or hotel where we provide a write-up, social media posts, photos and video
      • A visit to your attraction or area, containing a write-up, social media post, photos, and video.  This can also include updates during our visit on social media for added interest.
      • Dinner at your restaurant, where we will do a write-up, social media posts, and possibly a video.
      • These can all be combined for more rich and larger content as well, such as a town visit focusing on multiple restaurants, hotels, and or rentals.
    • All Influencer marketing campaigns fall under Earned Media, however licensing rights to the content can be part of your partnership package, if desired.
  • Content Creation for your business
    • We can create custom content for your website or business, this includes: Written Content, Photography, or Video
    • With Content Creation, you retain full rights to the content delivered.
  • Sponsored Content, which may include:
    • Social Media Posts
    • Product Reviews/Promotion - Product reviews can be written or video.   Be aware, that we only agree to do authentic product reviews, where we will be truthful about your product from our perspective.
    • Giveaways/Contests
    • Event Promotion
  • Seminars/Conferences/Public Speaking
    • We would love the opportunity to attend your seminar, conference, trade-show, or other venue to speak on various topics including: The Blue Ridge Mountains, hiking, photography, videography, social media, content creation, web site building, or other areas you feel we may have expertise.

Have something different in mind?  Awesome!  We're open to your ideas, and can put a custom Partnership package together for you!

Ready to become a partner, or just have questions?  Reach out!

Please use the form below to let us know of your interest in becoming a partner or if you just have questions about our program.   We'll follow-up with you via email.