Winchester Creek Farm – Waynesville NC

Looking for a fun, unique, beautiful,  family-friendly and ... shhhh don't tell the kids ... educational adventure?   Look no further than Winchester Creek Farm, located just outside of beautiful Waynesville North Carolina in the Western North Carolina, Blue Ridge Mountains.  This is an amazing and fun trip for the whole family!

Winchester Creek Farm is a 20 acre farm, full of miniature animals that you can see, interact with, pet, and feed.  The farm has Alpacas and many other miniature animals like horses, goats, cows, donkeys, and sheep (they're so fluffy!!!).   They even have a miniature pig, that is well ... just adorable.

Disclosure: We visited the farm with media passes; however, all opinions and information are our own and we were not asked in anyway to influence our review/article.  We only provide you with our true perspective and thoughts.

What you need to know about Winchester Creek Farm

Here is what you need to know about Winchester Creek Farm:

  • The Farm is 6 miles from Waynesville NC and an 11 minute drive.
  • The Farm is also only 2 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance, near Waynesville NC
  • Tours and field trips are by appointment only.  You will need to call or book online in advance.
  • Tour prices are: $15 - Adult, $11 - Kids 3-12, $15 - Kids 13-17.  $13 - Active duty Military and Police/Senior Citizens (60+)
  • When visiting, dress in layers or bring extra clothing.  Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, and higher elevations are often 10-15 degrees color than the the Piedmont areas.
  • While the store has drinks and snacks, you can bring food as well.  Food can be eaten on the deck next to the store.  For those on a budget and/or with a family, this can be a great option.
  • The Farm is ADA Compliant
  • The tour is a walking tour, and while it's not a great deal of walking, we did want to mention that.  If you are unable to walk due to a disability, the Farm will allow you to drive your vehicle down to the barn.   Those that are in wheelchairs should have no issues going from the parking area to the barn on the gravel access road.  

Address: 386 Walker Rd. Waynesville, NC

Email: [email protected]

Our Winchester Creek Farm Visit Video

Our Visit to Winchester Creek Farm

Winchester Creek Farm Waynesville NC

We visited Winchester Creek Farms in early spring on a Saturday.  We live just out side of Waynesville NC, and the farm is only about a 20 minute drive from our house.   We were scheduled for a 1:30pm tour of the farm.

After making a a few wrong turns (yes even with GPS ... see missing turns is just one of those things with us for some reason), we saw the entrance sign and parking area for Winchester Creek Farm.  The views of the surrounding mountains, with the green grass of the farm nestled in-between were beautiful.  We immediately saw animals as well, a miniature donkey and cow right next to the parking area.

The fields were enclosed with beautiful white fencing, and a gate going into the farm was closed.    We found the parking area, and noticed a number of people around the main building which we quickly learned was Granny's House, the farm store.

Just behind us was a sign and bench that asked for "Tour guests to wait here".  Since we were signed up for the 1:30pm tour, we waited by the sign, but not for long.

Touring Winchester Creek Farm

Winchester Creek Farm provides farm tours for visitors.  They offer 4-5 tours a day, beginning in the late morning into early afternoon.  Tours are 45-minute educational farm tours where guests walk the farm with a guide, and learn all about the animals, and the farm itself.   

We very soon heard a friendly voice greeting us and asking us if we were there for the tour.  The voice was our new friend Cody, one of the farm's guides, and an all around great guy.  Cody is super friendly, patient and knowledgable about the farm.  We really enjoyed our tour with him and getting to know him better.

We hung out for a few minutes by the bench as we waiting for other tour guests to arrive.  Cody soon called everyone over, and began our tour of the farm, which started with the animals near the parking area.   We then went through the main front gate, and saw miniature donkeys on our left, and the adorable Alpacas on the right.

Cody took the time to explain all about the animals, how they were cared for and their behaviors.  Being our first time around Alpacas, we listened with interest about how their fur is hypo-allergenic and waterproof, making it the perfect material for socks and other clothing.  You can purchase some in Granny's House.

The Barn

Cody excitedly shared that a new baby Alpaca had been born just a few days before our tour, and how excited they were to let us meet him, and his Mom, "Dolly".   Cody guided us past the chickens who were running around, and up to the barn to see the new baby Alpaca.  The chickens actually followed us ... that was a first for us.

Our first stop was to see the Juliana pig (basically a mini-pig), which turned out to be one of our favorite animals we met on the tour.  Very cute, and it made the cutest grunting noise, and kept posing for photos.   

Next, we got to see the unnamed and brand new Alpaca baby and his Mom, Dolly.  Dolly was very protective of her new baby, but the baby wasn't shy at all, staying close to Mom but kept posing for photos.  

Many of the other animals are kept in the barn at night as well, but were out in the fields while we were there.

The Event and Animal Interaction Area

We passed by a very nice pavilion up from the barn, with picnic tables (that are ADA Friendly!).   The pavilion area is used for special events, such as birthday parties.  Yes, you can book a birthday party with them.

Behind the patio area were white gated pastures containing miniature horses, goats, sheep, and of course Alpacas.  In the field next to us was a miniature Scottish Highland dwarf cow, and a miniature donkey.   The highland cow loved being petted and rubbed and was super-friendly.  

You might even say he was in a great MOOd ... Ok, sorry, we'll MOOve on.

Meanwhile, our son seemed to have found one of the sheep's favorite scratching spot and we're pretty sure the sheep adopted our son.

We spent lots of time interacting with each of the animals, who were just wonderful.  

Winchester Creek Farm will quickly tell you, that they are not a petting zoo.  The animals are available to interact with you, but can move away if they want, giving them the choice.  Fortunately, they all seem to love interacting with everyone and were incredibly friendly and social.

Last on our list was two Alpacas.   "Angel" was raised there on the farm, and the other Alpaca, pictured above, was a rescue named Queen Francine (Frannie)  She was our favorites.  Frannie had such a great personality, and kept wanting to give us "Alpaca kisses" and talked to us the whole time we were there with her.

You can see all the animals and learn their names on their website.

Turns out, the farm has a number of rescue animals, which is wonderful to know.  This fact shows how much they love and care for the animals.

Winchester Creek Farm clearly takes very good care of all the animals.   They were all well groomed, clean and we never felt threatened or felt that we were threatening or scaring any of the animals either.  As animal lovers, this was really important to us.   Just lots of wonderful mutual interactions, and all of the animals really seemed to enjoy it.

Lynn Lowry Cross

As mentioned, just the scenery alone is worth a visit.  The farm itself is beautiful, but even more so wrapped by the high elevation peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains.   You can event see Lynn Lowry Cross, and well known memorial and landmark from the farm.

This wrapped up our farm tour, and we headed back to the entrance to visit Granny's House, the farm store.

Granny's House Store

Granny's House Winchester Creek Farm

I'll admit, the store surprised us, and was super nice.  Granny's Store is full of gifts for everyone, themed to the farm.   We found all kinds of things, including:

  • Cold drinks, snacks, and ice cream!
  • Fresh eggs
  • Alpaca and other stuffed animals (you'll find lots of Alpaca items)
  • Alpaca socks
  • T-shirts
  • Toys
  • Biscuit Mix, Pancake Mix, dips and other food items
  • Home decor and much more!

We really enjoyed browsing around the shop.  If you prefer to shop online, you can do that as well!

There are public restrooms in the store.  There is also a deck next to the store with picnic tables where you can enjoy your drink, snack, and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Field trips, special events and more!

The Farm and tour combine for a fun and educational adventure, making it perfect match for:

  • Parents wanting a fun, but educational adventure for their kids
  • Homeschool field trips
  • School field trips
  • Church Youth Groups

In fact, the week after we visited, more the 200 kids from a local school were visiting for a field trip to tour the farm, and learn all about the animals.  

The farm is so focused on education, that there are plaques where each animal lives with a QR code you can scan for lots of information on each animal.   Their website also has tons of information as well, including pages for kids to color.

The Farm also does birthday parties.  Birthday parties are 90 minutes, and include:

  • Interacting with the animals
  • Use of the pavilion (fans and music),
  • Picnic tables, trash cans, restrooms,
  • and includes a Farm Guide.

Guests can bring: treats, food, decorations, & favorite beverages. 

Winchester Creek Farm also has a number of special events though-out the year, like their upcoming Easter Bunny Farm Tours, Halloween events, and Christmas events as well.   Be sure to follow their Facebook page and website for information on these.

Stay on the Farm!

Winchester Creek Farm

Can't get enough of the farm from just one visit?   Well, you can stay overnight too.

Winchester Creek Farms has multiple homes you can rent, that are right on the farm itself.  The homes are literally right next to the Alpaca fields.  You can sit on the deck, enjoy the amazing views and watch the animals, all while enjoying the hot cup of coffee in your pajamas.

Currently, the farm has two rentals options and rates run about $130 - $250/night.

Alpaca Mountain Loft

Winchester Creek Farm Loft Rental

Sleeps 4 in a very spacious 850 sq foot garage loft apartment.  The rental features a large deck, gas BBQ, washer/dryer.  The loft comes with a fully stocked kitchen, games, books, bedding, towels, internet, and private parking.   Learn more!

Alpaca Mountain Retreat

Winchester Creek Farm Retreat Rental

This cabin sleeps 9, and is 2500 sq feet.  Alpaca Mountain Retreat has two levels, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a stone gas fireplace, lower level game room, and a two-car garage.   Learn more!

Wrapping Up

We really enjoyed our visit to Winchester Creek Farm in Waynesville NC.   The farm, the animals, the tour, staff, and owners were exceptional.  We always felt welcome, and all of our crazy questions were answered with the upmost patience.

We highly recommend a visit to the farm for everyone, and in particular families with children.  We'll definitely be back!

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