Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible Waterfalls Guide

While there are hundreds of gorgeous waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains to visit, many are only accessible by hiking, often rugged and long trails.   Fortunately for those that might be in Wheelchairs, those that are disabled, or for those that just can't hike, there are a number of Easy to access and Wheelchair  and Disabled accessible waterfalls.

Updated: 10/31/2022

Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible Waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Our list of Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible waterfalls below was compiled by visiting each waterfall and observing the conditions.   We looked for waterfalls that were roadside viewable, meaning you could view them from your car, or by getting out of a car and viewing them from the parking lot.  

We also included waterfalls where a wheelchair, cane or walker could be easily used to see the waterfalls as well.    For these we factored in width, trail obstacles, and if any stairs were required.

There are more waterfalls the we've been told are Wheelchair Accessible, and we'll continue to add to this list as we research and find them.  Additionally, the various State and Federal services are adding Handicap accessible options to attractions all the time. As they do, we'll be sure to update this list.  

If you know of a waterfall that is Wheelchair and Disabled accessible, please let us know by using our Contact Form.  

Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible Waterfalls in the Blue Ridge

Bald River Falls  TN

Bald River Falls TN

Photo by: Randy Graham

Cascading over 100 feet onto the rocks below, Bald River Falls is visible roadside from your car.  This is one of the most beautiful and majestic falls in the area.  The waterfall is directly off Tellico River Road in Tennessee.

Baby Falls TN

Baby Falls TN

Photo by: Randy Graham

Just up the road from Bald River Falls, is the smaller, but still beautiful Baby Falls.  Also roadside and located off Tellico River Road in Tennesee.  The falls are about 15-20 foot high, and very pretty.  After a good rain, you'll often find Kayakers going over the waterfall.

Bridal Veil Falls Highlands NC

Bridal Veil Falls

This 60' roadside waterfall is one of the most popular stops in Western NC. The waterfall is literally just 20 feet or so off of Highway 64. In the past you could drive under it, but the road under it closed. 

Cullasaja Falls NC

Cullasaja Falls NC

Cullasaja Falls NC is a 250′ tall and majestic waterfall located off of Highway 64 in the Cullasaja Gorge, near Highlands NC. The falls are viewable mainly from a small roadside pullover.   The photo above was not taken from the road, but from the base of the falls, which is not handicap accessible.

Dry Falls NC

Dry Falls NC

Dry Falls is a 75' beautiful roadside waterfall near Highlands, NC that you can walk behind! There is a nice parking area, bathrooms, a viewing platform that is handicap accessible, and a nice paved trail down to and behind the falls. Dry Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Linville Falls NC

Linville Falls

Linville Falls

Linville Falls is listed as Handicap accessible, and the trail to some of the views is paved.   View of the Falls are available at the end of the Wiseman's trail and are stunning, providing both views of the waterfalls, and Linville Gorge itself.   There is a fairly steep slope, which may require assistance, and many of the views will not be accessible due to stairs and rocks.

Looking Glass Falls NC

Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass Falls, located immediately roadside on Highway 276 near Brevard NC, is probably one of the most beautiful and popular waterfalls in North Carolina. The falls are visible from the road, and thus handicap accessible. Looking Glass falls plummets 50+ feet into the creek below, and is a popular summer swimming destination.

Sliding Rock NC

Sliding Rock is a popular and famous waterfall, due to not only being a waterfall, but a waterfall that you can slide down. The smooth surface of the falls allows visitors to slide down the fall, and plunge into a basin below. Sliding Rock is located just off Highway 276 in Pisgah National Forest near Brevard NC.

Lower Falls Graveyard Fields NC

Fall at Lower Falls, Graveyard Fields

Lower Falls at Graveyard Fields is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and is a very beautiful and photogenic waterfall, that is also a popular summer swimming hole.  Most visitors hike down the falls, but for those wanting a roadside view, you there is a pull off just past Graveyard Fields (towards Asheville) that offers a roadside view of the waterfall.

Sunburst Falls NC

Sunburst Falls NC

Sunburst Falls is road-side waterfall located along Highway 215. The waterfall flows under an old rock bridge on 215, and is a popular stopping point along the scenic roadway.

Tom Branch Falls NC

Tom Branch Falls is located in the Deep Creek area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It's a gorgeous and easy to access falls that is a short walk from the parking lot, and handicap friendly.   The short trail to the falls is not paved, and a little rough, so assistance may be required.

Whitewater Falls NC

Whitewater Falls NC

Whitewater Falls near Sapphire NC is a 411 foot and stunning waterfall. The paved trail to the waterfall is easy and handicap accessible. Whitewater Falls is the tallest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains.

Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible Waterfalls on our list to visit

We've personally visited all of the waterfalls above, but there are a few more that are on our list as Handicap and Disabled Accessible, but we have not been able to personally visit and confirm that.  As as soon as we can we'll get them added to our list, by in the meantime here they are:

  • Amicalola Falls - GA
  • Anna Ruby Falls - Helen, GA - Paved trail, with a couple of steeper sections, someone should accompany you to assist and probably not wheelchair friendly.
  • Batson Creek Falls - Brevard NC
  • Connestee Falls - Brevard, NC
  • Dick's Creek Falls - Georgia
  • Falling Spring Falls - Covington VA
  • Lover’s Leap Falls, GA
  • Slick Rock Falls - Roadside view
  • Toccoa Falls, GA - access fee, flat trail to observation deck.
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