Snow Tubing in North Carolina – The 10 Best Places

Snow tubing in North Carolina is a thrilling winter activity for the whole family.

The North Carolina Mountains transform into a winter wonderland, providing perfect conditions for snow tubing, skiing, and other fun winter activities.

If you enjoy snow tubing, or you're interested in trying it out, here are our top picks for the best places to go snow tubing in North Carolina.

You'll love it, and it's wintery fun for the whole family!   

Snow Tubing in North Carolina

Hawksnest Snow Tubing Park - Seven Devils NC

Hawksnest Snow Tubing


Largest snow tubing park in the Southeast

What to Expect

Over 30 lanes of snow tubing fun, varying in length from 400 - 1,000 feet.

Conveyor lifts to carry tubers back to the top.


Night tubing under the lights.

Spacious lodge with hot chocolate and snacks

Hawksnest Snow Tubing Park offers a blend of thrilling snow adventures and cozy amenities, making it a top choice for a winter outing in North Carolina.

The tubing park is located between Boone NC and Banner Elk NC in Seven Devils NC. 

The combination of extensive number of lanes, efficient lift system, and comfortable lodge facilities cater to both adventure seekers and those looking to enjoy a leisurely day in the snow.

Hawksnest offers:

  • Over 30 tubing lanes, varying in length from 400 to 1,000 feet.
  • A conveyor lift system that easily transport tubers back to the top of the slopes.
  • Night tubing under bright lights for a unique evening experience.
  • A spacious lodge provides a comfortable place to relax. It offers hot chocolate and a variety of snacks, perfect for warming up after tubing.
  • There's a designated area for guests to watch the fun if they choose not to participate.

We highly recommend making reservations in advance, especially during the peak season, as the park is very popular and can be very busy.   

They operate during the winter months, typically from late November to early March, depending on weather conditions.

Sugar Mountain Resort - Sugar Mountain NC

Sugar Mountain Snow Tubing


Locate in Sugar Mountain Resort, one of the premiere NC Ski resorts.

What to Expect

Features a 700-foot long tubing park with lanes designed for both speed and safety.

The park also has a magic carpet lift.


Proximity to the ski slopes and ice skating rink, making it an ideal spot for a full day of winter sports.

Sugar Mountain Resort in Sugar Mountain, NC is a top spot for winter sports lovers, especially snow tubing fans.

The resort is located in Sugar Mountain, NC just outside of Banner Elk NC (one of our favorite North Carolina Mountain towns). 

Sugar Mountain Resort's snow tubing park is a must-visit for anyone looking for winter fun in a beautiful setting. This place has it all - well-maintained tubing lanes, a magic carpet lift, and tons of other winter sports to enjoy.

Snow tubing at Sugar Mountain delivers:

  • A 700-foot long tubing run with multiple lanes designed for both speed and family-friendly enjoyment.
  • A magic carpet lift is available, making the ascent back to the top of the tubing hill effortless and convenient.
  • The park has lights so you can tube at night and have even more fun.
  • Being part of a larger ski resort, it's close to ski slopes and an ice skating rink, allowing visitors to easily switch between different winter sports.

To secure a reservation, it is advisable to book in advance, particularly during peak times such as weekends and holidays, because of the resort's popularity.

You can go snow tubing at Sugar Mountain Resort during the winter months, usually from late November to March, depending on the weather.

Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing - Jonas Ridge NC

Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing


Known for its friendly, family-oriented atmosphere, making it a preferred choice for families and groups.

What to Expect

Offers a more intimate tubing experience with less crowded lanes and a variety of slopes for different skill levels.


Night tubing and a cozy fire pit to warm up by after the fun.

Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing is located about 30 minutes from Boone NC, near Linville Falls.

They offer a more intimate and relaxed tubing experience compared to larger parks.

The combination of varied tubing lanes, the convenience of a tow lift, and the unique feature of a fire pit creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for family adventures.

Jonas Ridge snow tubing features:

  • Various lanes that cater to different skill levels, from gentle slopes for beginners to more thrilling runs for the more adventurous.
  • Tow lift service to bring tubers back to the top with ease.
  • The facility has lighting for a thrilling night tubing adventure.
  • A unique cozy fire pit where visitors can warm up and relax between runs.
The park operates during the winter months, usually from late November to early March, depending on the snow conditions.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort - Beech Mountain NC

Snow Tubing Slopes at Beech Mountain Resort, with a tuber silding down.


Highest town in Eastern America and a very popular and well known destination for skiing and winter sports.

Top Winter sports resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains

What to Expect

Beech Mountain's tubing park is at a high elevation, ensuring good snow conditions throughout the season.

Features multi-lane runs and a magic carpet lift.


Close to other winter activities at Beech Mountain Resort, including skiing and snowboarding.

Provides lodging, restaurants, shops and more.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort is one of the premium ski and winter sport resorts in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and of course offers some of the best snow tubing in North Carolina. 

Beech Mountain Resort Snow Tubing is in the highest town in Eastern America, Beech Mountain NC. Besides snow skiing, they provide excellent snow tubing as well.

We love Beech Mountain and Beech Mountain Ski Resort! It's also the home for Land of Oz!

The snow tubing venue is in the ski village, right next to the ski slopes.   

Highlights of snow tubing at Beech Mountain Ski Resort include: 

  • Magic carpet lift to get riders to the top safely and quickly
  • 6-8 active snow tubing lanes, each about 750 foot
  • All the amenities of a full service ski resort, including restaurants, shops.  It's easy to combine tubing with other winter sports activities.
  • Lighting for night tubing

Advanced booking is highly recommended at all times of their season due to the popularity of the resort.  

Beech Mountain Resort Snow Tubing has well-designed tubing lanes, a convenient lift system, and the option to engage in other winter sports activities, making it a highly sought-after destination for a fun and memorable winter day in the snow.

Highlands Outpost Adventure Park - Scaly Mountain NC

Highlands Outpost Snow Tubing


Kiddie slope designed for younger children

Snow play area for kids 8 years and younger

Group rates available

What to Expect

Not as crowded as more popular destinations, offers a more relaxed adventure.

Slopes are well maintained and for a variety of age groups and skill levels.


Kiddie slope intended for younger children.

Ice Skating

Viewing area with fire pit

Café available for food, snacks and drinks.

Highlands Outpost Adventure Park, located in Scaly Mountain, North Carolina, offers a delightful snow tubing experience and more personal experience with less crowds and wait times than larger venues.   

While there, you can also enjoy ice skating, and take a ride on the longest mountain coaster in North Carolina, the Scaly Mountain Screamer.

Highlands Outpost offers:

  • Multiple well maintained tubing lanes (generally 5) that
  • Magic Carpet lift system back up the top
  • Lighted night tubing, so you can snow tube under the stars.
  • 2-hour snow tubing tickets
  • Friendly and personable staff that goes out of their way to provide you with a great snow tubing experience.

While smaller and lesser known, they can still be very busy during peak season on weekends and holidays. No reservations are required, but be prepared for longer lines.

Like most winter venues, Highlands Outpost operates seasonally, usually from late November through early March, depending on weather conditions.

Tube World - Maggie Valley NC

Tubing slopes with people snow tubing down. Taken from the bottom


Up to 12 lanes of snow tubing

Snow play area for children

Right in the heart of Maggie Valley NC

What to Expect

Slopes are well maintained and for a variety of age groups and skill levels.

Often very busy, so book in advance and reserve your tubing times.


Food truck available for food, snacks and drinks.

Nearby to many restaurants, shops, and attractions in Maggie Valley

Located right here in our home base of Maggie Valley is Tube World, which is owned and operated by nearby Cataloochee Ski Resort.  

Tube World is not at the ski resort itself, but in the heart of Maggie Valley, across from the now closed Ghost Town in the Sky amusement park and next to Joey's Pancake house.  

Tube World features:

  • Up to 12 well groomed tubing lanes.
  • Magic Carpet Lift to get you easily and quickly back up the top for more fun.
  • Wee Bowl snow play area for children
  • Food truck for snacks and refreshments
  • Nearby to many other attractions in Maggie Valley NC

Definitely book your times in advance and get your tickets online. You can reserve your tubing tickets up to 2-weeks in advance.  

Tube World is seasonal, and generally open from late November through March, depending on weather conditions.

Moonshine Mountain Snow Tubing Park - Hendersonville NC

Moonshine Mountain Snow Tubing Park


Over 500' runs, some steep for more speed.

Lighted for night tubing

What to Expect

Tons of fun and very group friendly

They do not take reservations, and tickets are purchased at the venue


Snow tube "group trains" are allowed (linked up snow tubes)

Gift shop

BBQ Food Truck for food and refreshments

Want an exciting snow tubing experience? Head over to Moonshine Mountain Snow Tubing Park in Hendersonville, NC. It's the place to be. 

You'll find:

  • Several long and steep runs for the more adventurous
  • "Group trains" are allowed, which set it apart from many other tubing parks. This feature adds an extra element of fun and excitement, as friends and family can enjoy the ride together.
  • BBQ Food Truck is available for great food and hot and cold refreshments.

The park is seasonal, so be sure to check their website calendar for when they are open and hours.

With its longer and steeper runs, group tubing options, and a warm, friendly atmosphere, it offers an unforgettable snowy adventure for families, friends, and all winter sports enthusiasts.

Blackbear Snow Tubing - Hendersonville NC

Black Bear Snow Tubing Hendersonville NC


Up to 4 lanes of snow tubing

Heated lodge with food and drinks

Summer tubing available

What to Expect

Fun, but shorter runs than other tubing venues

Friendly and courteous staff

No indoor restrooms, only porta potties


Heated lodge with drinks and food

Blackbear Snow Tubing in Hendersonville, NC, provides a charming and enjoyable snow tubing experience for visitors of all ages and families.

Here's a look at what Blackbear Snow Tubing offers:

  • Up to 4 snow tubing lanes, with each being a 300 foot run
  • "Cable tug" lift back to the top
  • Heated lodge and observation area with warm drinks and food
  • Very friendly and professional staff
  • Summer tubing is available as well, so you can tube year round

Reservations are highly recommended since winter is a very busy season for them, and they sell out quickly. They accommodate walk ups, but tickets are not guaranteed.

Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park - Mars Hill NC


10 lanes of pure snow tubing fun

Magic Carpet ride back to the top

Over 800 foot long runs

What to Expect

Busy, but not too crazy of a crowd.

Well groomed and fast slopes

They generaly sell out every weekend, so book in advance


Discounted prices for Military/Police/Fire/EMS

Solarium with fireplace

Food Truck on site for food and refreshments

Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park, in Mars Hill, NC is a premier snow tubing venue that is family-owned and operated. They are only about 20 minutes outside of Asheville, NC.

Here's what you can expect at Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park:

  • Multiple Tube Lanes (generally 10) with steep grades for fast runs.  Some lanes run over 800 feet.
  • "Magic Carpet" ride back to the top that allows you to tube longer and easier.
  • Solarium with large fireplace for guests that want to watch, and stay warm!
  • Lighted slopes for night tubing

Due to their popularity, especially on weekends, you'll want to book reservations in advance. They take walk-ins, but there are no guarantees on availability.

Zip N Slip Snow Tubing Park in Mars Hill provides a lively and memorable snow tubing experience set against the stunning backdrop of the North Carolina mountains.

With its variety of tubing lanes, additional recreational features, and a welcoming atmosphere, it's an ideal choice for those seeking entertaining and exciting winter fun!

Frozen Falls Tube Park - Sapphire NC

A view of the snow tubing slopes from below, covered with snow.


5 lanes that are over 500 foot in length

Part of a larger ski resort, so skiing is available

What to Expect

First come, first serve - so get there early.  No online or advanced booking.

Tickets must be purchased at Sapphire Valley Community Center


Discounted prices for Military/Police/Fire/EMS with ID

Snow tubing is near a full service restaurant and bar

Frozen Falls Tube Park, in Sapphire, NC, offers a distinctive and enjoyable snow tubing experience at a smaller, but still very nice, full service ski resort.  

Here's what you can expect at Frozen Falls Tube Park:

  • 5 Tubing lanes, with steep runs with lengths about 500 feet
  • Full service restaurant and bar is next to the snow tubing venue
  • "Magic Carpet" lift to the top

Like most other snow tubing venues in this guide, the park operates seasonally, typically opening when weather conditions permit snowmaking, usually from December through March.

Frozen Falls Tube Park in Sapphire is an excellent destination for those looking to enjoy snow tubing in a scenic and family-friendly setting.

The tubing lanes are top-notch, they've got all the extras, and the atmosphere is just right. It's a winter outing that everyone will love.

Tips for Snow Tubing in North Carolina

Snow Tubing Tips

Photo from Beech Mountain Ski Resort

You've gotta try snow tubing in the North Carolina Mountains!

To make the most of your snowy downhill adventure, here are 15 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Dress Appropriately: Wear waterproof and warm clothing in layers. This includes a waterproof outer layer, insulated gloves, and water-resistant footwear.
  2. Wear a Helmet: Although not always required, wearing a helmet is a good safety practice, especially for children or in steeper tubing areas.
  3. Check Weather and Resort Conditions: Before you go, check the weather and snow conditions at the tubing park to ensure they are open and the conditions are safe.
  4. Arrive Early: If you didn't book in advace, tubing spots can fill up quickly, especially on weekends and holidays. Arriving early ensures you get a spot and maximizes your time.
  5. Follow Age and Height Restrictions: Most parks have age, height, or weight restrictions for safety. Be sure to check these before you go.
  6. Use Provided Equipment: Always use the tubes provided by the park. They are designed specifically for the conditions and safety requirements.
  7. Follow All Safety Instructions: Pay attention to all safety briefings and instructions given by the staff at the tubing park.
  8. Keep Your Feet Forward: When tubing, keep your feet facing forward. This position helps to control speed and direction.
  9. Stay in Control: Learn how to slow down and stop your tube. Usually, this is done by using your feet or turning your tube around so your feet are going downhill first.
  10. Watch for Others: Always be aware of your surroundings and other tubers to avoid collisions.
  11. Stay in Your Tube: Remain seated in your tube throughout the ride and hold onto the handles.
  12. Wait Your Turn: Don’t start down the hill until the path is clear and it's your turn. This prevents collisions and injuries.
  13. No Chains of Tubes: Unless explicitly allowed by the park, don’t chain tubes together as it increases the risk of injury (we mention parks that allow this above).
  14. Keep an Eye on Children: Always supervise children, both on the slopes and in the lift areas.
  15. Stay Hydrated and Take Breaks: Even in cold weather, it’s important to stay hydrated. Also, take breaks to rest and warm up if needed.

Keep in mind, each snow tubing park has its own rules and stuff.

Make sure you know these rules for a fun and safe tubing time.

Final Thoughts on Snow Tubing in North Carolina

Snow tubing in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains is a delightful way to embrace winter's chill. Whether you're seeking thrilling downhill adventures or a cozy family outing, these snow tubing parks in North Carolina promise unforgettable snowy adventures and fun for everyone.

Happy snow tubing!

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