Upper Bubbling Spring Branch Falls

Upper Bubbling Spring Branch Falls

Upper Bubbling Spring Branch FallsLocated just a short hike off Highway 215, near the Blue Ridge Parkway, Upper Bubbling Spring Branch Falls makes for an excellent short hike, and is a beautiful and photogenic waterfall.  The Falls aren’t real high, but pretty as they cascade down the steep rock into the pool below.

Location: In Pisgah National Forest, off Highway 215 near The Blue Ridge Parkway
Roundtrip Distance: 0.6 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Handicap Accessible: No
Dog Friendly: Yes
Features: Waterfalls, Forest, creeks, camping
Directions:From The Blue Ridge Parkway, take NC Highway 215 exit at MP423. Take 215 North for .5 miles, and park in the large gravel parking area on the left.
Recommended Gear: Standard Day hiking essentials, Pisgah National Forest Ranger District Trail Map Map:

Upper Bubbling Spring Branch Falls

Upper Bubbling Spring Branch Falls is a very short distance above Lower Bubbling Spring Branch Falls.  The upper falls is about 30′ tall, and the water cascades down a steep rock formation, into a shallow pool below.  

The hike out to this falls, and Lower Bubbling Spring Falls, which you’ll come to first, is easy, short and very pretty.

Hiking to Upper Bubbling Spring Branch Falls

Following the hiking instructions to Lower Bubbling Spring Branch Falls.  From the front of the Lower falls, and just down the creek a little is a trail to the left that goes perpendicular to the creek at first, but then goes immediately to the right and up the creek, beside Lower Falls.  

There is also a trail that goes up to the right.  This trail is more difficult, and using it causes more damage to the soil and mountain side.    We don’t recommend this trail.

The left side trail climbs up past and above Lower falls, and brings you out just below the Upper Falls.  The trail is narrow and overgrown, but easy to follow.  DO NOT go off the trail here, as you are very close to the top of Lower Falls.  The trail is surrounded by dense growth, and safe.

Reaching Upper Bubbling Spring Branch Falls

You’ll exit the short trail onto some rocks below Upper Falls, and you’ll need to rock hop up a short distance to get to the base of the falls.

Upper Bubbling Spring Branch Falls

The waterfall is pretty and taller than the lower falls, at 30 feet.   The only thing that interrupts the peace is the occasional reminder of how close to Highway 215 this waterfall really is.  You’ll hear the sounds of cars and motorcycles driving by from above the falls.

For photographers, there aren’t a lot of angle options, due to the steep rock sides as you approach the falls.  Lighting can also be very harsh at the top during the day due to being open, and no canopy.  Arrive early or late for the best photos.

You’ll return to the parking area the same way you arrived.  


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Bobby says October 1, 2017

Could not find the trail to the upper falls do you have a picture to show where this is

    Larry says October 2, 2017

    Hey Bobby, if you’re looking at the Lower Falls, there is a trail that goes up to your left, maybe 50 foot back from the Falls. It leads up to a small clearing. From there, go right towards the Falls, and you’ll see a trail that climbs up next to lower falls. It’s a faint trail, and a bit overgrown. Next time we get over that way, I’ll get some photos.

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