Enjoy the wonders of Tweetsie Railroad combined with the magic of Christmas, at Tweetsie Christmas!   The train ride features the famous Tweetsie steam engines, all decorated for the holidays, and they'll take you on an open-air train ride featuring thousands of lights, displays and Christmas music.  If you love trains and Christmas time, this is the perfect combination for all ages.

Tweetsie Christmas Videos

We've visited Tweetsie Christmas several times, and LOVE going.  Here are our videos from our adventures for your enjoyment!

Our 2021 visit video:

What is Tweetsie Christmas?

Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock North Carolina is an amusement park and heritage railroad, that people from all over the world have been visiting since it opened in 1957.

While Tweetsie itself, on a normal day of operation, is about as much family fun as it gets, Tweetsie also has a number of special events and trains throughout the year, including the magical Tweetsie Christmas Event.

Tweetsie Christmas runs from November 19 – December 30 in 2021.  The park is open for this special event only on select days from 5pm - 10pm.   We highly recommend making reservations, and you'll be assigned a train ride time.  

The train ride itself takes about 20 minutes.  The historic steam engines and cars are decorated and lit up for Christmas, and just beautiful.   On your 3-mile ride, you'll see thousands of Christmas lights and displays, while listening to cheerful Christmas music played on LCD displays in the train cars.   Be sure to wave at the crowds as you leave and enter the station area!

In addition to the train ride, there is much more to see and do!   Tweetsie Christmas offers:

  • The entire lower portion of the park is decorated with beautiful Christmas lights and displays.  The upper portion of the park is closed for Tweetsie Christmas.
  • Santa's Ginger Bread house where you can see Santa.
  • There are campfires to stay warm by, or roast s'mores on (available for purchase)
  • You can enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or spiced cider.
  • Visit the man gift shops
  • See the Live Christmas show
  • Limited children's rides are open and running

Tweetsie Christmas 2022

** Tickets are on sale now for Tweetsie Christmas 2022 **

Tweetsie Christmas for 2022 will transform Tweetsie Railroad into a winter wonderland on: November 25 - 27 & 30, December 1-4, 7-10, 11, 14-1717, 18, 20-23, 26-30!

Get your tickets today and enjoy a magical Christmas celebration and train ride at Tweetsie Railroad Christmas!

What You Need to Know

We thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit, and want to share a few tips with you:

  • It was 32 degrees when we were there, so dress warmly to enjoy your visit.  Remember too, that the train cars are open-air cars, so it gets a bit chilly (they are not heated cars).
  • Space is limited on the train, so we highly recommend you purchase your tickets in advance, which will also book you a train time in advance.
  • If you are a photographer or videographer, you'll want to do you train ride early, so there is more light.   We also recommend sitting towards the back of the train to get that long train shot from the rear.
  • We sat on the left side of the train, and while it was pretty, the lights on the right side of the train are better. 
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