Winter Hiking

Top Winter Hiking Trails

Winter Hiking provides a unique hiking experience that you can't get any other time of the year.   The benefits of Winter Hiking include:

  • Better views
  • No bugs, and limited wildlife (if you prefer not to see any)
  • Cooler temperatures and no humidity
  • Fewer hikers
  • Possible Snow!

While some of you may disagree on the enjoyment of the last one, hiking in the snow is not only gorgeous, but incredibly quiet and peaceful.   Waterfalls, creeks and streams surrounded by snow and ice are simply gorgeous as well.  If it's cold enough, you might even find some frozen waterfalls along the way, which is a real treat!

If you prefer to not encounter wildlife while hiking, you'll find many creatutres are less active in the winter, such as: Snakes and Bears.

Winter Hiking

Our Picks for Top Winter Hikes

Below are some of our top winter hiking trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains.   You can click on "Learn More" link in each trail, to view our full guide containing photos, directions, details and a walkthrough of the trail.

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