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Top Restaurants in Asheville NC

We really enjoy a trip over to Asheville NC to enjoy the vast selection of restaurants.  Asheville has the most variety and options out of any other town in the Western NC mountains.   In particular, we enjoy the cultural diversity of restaurants, including many asian options, Italian, Indian, Brazilian, Greek, and more.

The Best restaurants in Asheville NC are a bit subjective of course, and even though we have tried many, there are still many more for us to try.   These are just our picks for our personal favorites, and we'll even dive into some details to tell you why.   

We would like this list to be an "ongoing food adventure", if you will, and we'll keep this list updated as we try and discover new places to eat in Asheville NC.

Let's dive into our list of top restaurants in Asheville NC.  All of these provide excellent food, atmosphere, and service.  Some even give you the experience of Asheville's unique vibe and culture as well.

1 - Vinnie's Italian

Vinnie's is our favorite place to eat when visiting Asheville as a family (with our kids).   They have something for everyone.  They provide fantastic Italian food and a super friendly vibe that is just contagious.  

We just never tire of hearing the staff yell "Welcome to Vinnie's!".   Many others must agree with us, as there is always a line when they open, and they seem to stay busy right up to closing time, daily.

Vinnie's now as two locations, but we still prefer the original on Merrimon Avenue, near downtown.  We really enjoy sitting outside on the patio during the summer.   All of the food is fantastic and they serve both traditional Italian meals and their own unique dishes, and pizza as well.

If you're looking for a fun, uplifting, family-friendly place, with fantastic Italian food, at reasonable prices, Vinnie's Italian is the place for you!

2 - Wild Ginger Noodle Bar

Near the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance and not far from Biltmore, this small, but excellent Noodle Bar has wonderful food, and specializes in Pho.    

If you've never tried Pho (it's Pho-nominal ... ok, I'll stop), think of it as a noodle soup, with lots of proteins,  veggies and herbs.   Pho is one of our favorite Asian dishes, and Wild Ginger knows how to make it and offers up a number of different styles and flavors.

They also have a number of other fantastic Thai dishes as well.  The service is fast and high quality. 

Wild Ginger is always busy, but we've never had to wait "too long", and have found the food and staff to be well worth the wait.    Be sure to get the steamed dumplings too ... delicious!

3 - Sunset Terrace, Omni Grove Park Inn

We've only eaten here a handful of times, and honestly, the Sunset Terrace a bit out of our normal dining price range, but if you're looking for that luxurious high-end dinner, this is the place.  We really enjoy going here on special occasions or celebrations.  

The food, service, and view at the Sunset Terrace are second to none and just outstanding.  One of the best dining experiences we've ever had anywhere.

If you can, book your reservations well in advance, and at sunset, because the Sunset terrace gets its name for a very good reason ... outstanding sunset views of Asheville and the surrounding mountains.

You cannot help but enjoy the gourmet meals, served on a beautiful outdoor terrace, surrounded by the gorgeous peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains AND with a stunning sunset.

4 - Juicy Lucy's Burgers

Another great place for family dining is Juicy Lucy's in Asheville NC.   They have a little bit of everything, but their speciality is a "Juicy Lucy" cheeseburger, where the cheese is inside the burger.  They have a very large selection of burgers, and other items, including a long list of locally crafted beers as well.

Juicy Lucy's is a casual restaurant, with both indoor and outdoor seating.  Service and food are always top notch, and we enjoy eating here after a busy day in Asheville, hiking the surrounding area, or visiting Biltmore.

If you want to try something that is fantastic, but a bit unexpected, go with their Lamb Gyro, which is fantastic, especially with a side of greek salad!

5 - Mela Indian Food

We absolutely love Indian food, and really enjoy heading into downtown Asheville for a visit to Mela Indian Food, especially for lunch when they have their huge lunch buffet.    There are a few Indian restaurants in Asheville, and they are all very good, but the ambience, downtown setting, and quality of food at Mela brings us back every time.

Mela provides all the essential Indian dishes, but also has a few specialities that are unique to their restaurant.   We've tried many of the different dishes, and have loved them all.  Their Tikka Masala and Saag Paneer are outstanding, and be sure to get a side of Garlic Naan as well, made fresh in house. 

6 - White Duck Tacos

Looking for some of the most unique and best tasting tacos you've ever had?   White Duck in Asheville has you covered.   I mean where else can you get tacos like: Crispy Chicken BLT, Spicy Buffalo Chicken, Bangkok Shrimp, Korean Beef Bulgogi, Lamb Gyro, Thai Peanut Chicken, and much much more, including speciality tacos that rotate ?

I know, sounds "different" right?  Well they are, but in a fabulously good way.   We've tried all the tacos, and have liked them all, but of course we have our favorites, namely the Duck and Gyro tacos.    Be sure to try their Queso and chips, and their freshly made Margaritas as well.

At the Asheville location, they have outdoor riverside seating, that is dog friendly.  You might even  see a few real white ducks too!

7 - Apollo Flame Bistro

If you love Greek food, you'll find no better place than Apollo Flame Bistro in Asheville.  There are two locations, but we always visit the Hendersonville Rd location, near I-40.   

Apollo Flame Bistro is family-owned, and has been for 3 generations.   They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, and standard Greek dish options, and pizza.  Our favorite are the Gyros, with the huge Greek Salad.   They bring out in-house made dressing on the side, that is well, amazing.   They also have other traditional dishes such as spaghetti (which our daughter loves) and other pasta dishes, and hot and cold subs.

Don't forget the in-house made desserts, the Baklava is to die for ...

We've been many times, and have always found the food and service top-notch.  Their Gyros are the best we've ever had.

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