Gem Mining in the Blue Ridge Mountains – Our Top Picks

Gem mining is one of the top attractions in the Blue Ridge Mountains, ranging from North Carolina to Virginia. You can find sapphires, rubies, tiger's eye, emeralds, amethysts, and more! Some attractions even offer to set your finds into jewelry of your own, as well as polish and cut them.

Gift shops at gem mines are always available, and sell everything little memorabilia items, to home decor items, from geodes to fossils. Some shops even have creeks you can walk alongside, museums, lunch, axe-throwing and other activities. Regardless, a visit to a Blue Ridge Mountain Gem Mine is bound to make your trip more enjoyable for the whole family.

But, where do you find these ... *cough cough* ... “hidden gems,”??

Our Gem Mining in the Blue Ridge Mountains guide below highlights our top picks. Check them out! We're sure you'll find one in the area you're visiting.

Updated: 3/26/2024

Gem Mining in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Elijah Mountain Gem Mine

1 - Elijah Mountain Gem Mine Hendersonville NC

Unleash your inner gem hunter at Elijah Mountain Gem Mine in Hendersonville, NC! This awesome gem mine not only lets you find rubies, emeralds, and sapphires but also offers tons of family fun.

Come explore the rushing water flumes, meet some friendly farm goats, or grab a drink at the on-site taproom. With a giant rock shop and beautiful natural surroundings, Elijah Mountain offers an unforgettable adventure for all ages.

2 - Rockhound Ridge Mine NC

Located in Sylva, NC, Rockhound Ridge Gem Mine is a highly recommended gem mine by many visitors. With rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more, you can mine from gems and minerals from all around the world.

Their staff will identify each gem you find for you, and you can even have the gems cut and polished. The mine has plenty of buckets to go, along with gem mining kits to take home. Before you leave, don’t forget to stop by the gift shop and check out all the shiny jewels.

3 - Pigeon Forge Gem Mine TN

In Pigeon Forge, TN, the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine is a popular attraction. You can pan for your own gems, and if you like, you can have them cut and polished in the store. If you want your gem as more than a keepsake, the staff will have the jewel set into jewelry for you as well.

Don’t forget to stop by the fossil and mineral museum and check out the remnants of the past. The gem mine also has a gift shop for you to peruse, holding jewelry, crystals, fossils, and more.

4 - Huck's Lost Mine GA

Huck’s Lost Mine is in Blue Ridge, GA. It’s a family-friendly attraction that has plenty of mining for you and your family to do, ranging from a 2-pound bag to a 3-gallon bucket. Search for rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, and more.

Geode cracking is also a fun option, and you can even view the fossils in store. Huck’s Lost Mine offers axe-throwing as well, and don’t forget to check out their store, too. The shop has many little souvenirs, such as polished stones, necklaces, raptor claws, and more.

5 - Chimney Rock Gemstone Mine NC

In Chimney Rock, NC, the Chimney Rock Gemstone Mine is the perfect place to spend your day. You can expect all the equipment to be provided for your experience, and our workers will be there to help you identify all your treasures. Birthday parties and field trips are welcome.

Geode cracking and outdoor gem panning are great ways to add on to the fun, and there’s even a creek for visitors to sit and relax at. They fill their retail rooms with sterling silver jewelry, minerals, rock decor, and more.

6 - Aska Mining Company GA

In Blue Ridge, GA, the Aska Mining Company is one of the many options for a fun afternoon. With rubies, sapphires, citrine, tiger’s eye, and more, you’re bound to find the perfect gem that suits you. Reservations are not necessary. Not only do they have gem mining, but they also have river tubing services for you to enjoy.

You can relax in the water as you float downstream on a sunny day. The shop has many little trinkets for you to take home, and the Iron Bridge Cafe is there if you’re hungry. They have pizza, wings, their famous “Heart Stopper,” and more.

7 - Foggy Mountain Gem Mine NC

Down in Boone, NC, Foggy Mountain Gem Mine is a family-owned gem mine. They offer the finest gem ore from the top mines all across the world. Every bucket guarantees a gem find! 

You can pan for jewels, and when you’re done, you can have them polished. You can also have your gems set into jewelry as a neat keepsake. They also have an online store where you can purchase jewelry and other gifts, as well.

8 - Old Smoky Gem Mine TN

Gatlinburg, TN is where you’ll find the Old Smoky Gem Mine. You can find amethyst, topaz, citrine, emerald, tourmaline, ruby, and plenty more. With friendly and informative staff, you’ll be able to learn all about the gems that you find.

Geode cracking is another fun activity to take part in, and there are a few showcase crystals for you to view, as well! Your gems can be polished and set if you like, and they’ll even make some jewelry out of it if you want, too. If you’re ever visiting Gatlinburg, check out the Old Smoky Gem Mine!

9 - Outpost Gold & Gem Mining Co. GA

Outpost Gold & Gem Mining Co. is a company down in Helen, GA. With both gold and gem panning for you to enjoy, this mine is a highly recommended place. Fossils, geodes, and more are available, as well as a gift shop with jewelry and other goods. 

You can choose bucket sizes from many ranges, and the staff is very helpful and outgoing! Outpost Gold & Gem Mining Co. is a great place to take your family, so come check it out. Maybe you’ll even take home some rubies, too.

10 - Pisgah Forest Gem Mine NC

The Pisgah Forest Gem Mine is in Pisgah Forest, NC. You’ll find rubies, sapphires, amethysts, fossils, and more. You can walk by the creek, and even stop by the koi pond to feed the fish. Field trips and birthday parties are welcome, and the mine is also pet-friendly.

Not only do they have outdoor mining, but indoor and black light mining as well! Stop by to crack some geodes, or listen in on the lessons of the different rocks and gemstones.

11 - Rio Dòce Gem Mine NC

Down in Spruce Pine, NC, Rio Dòce Gem Mine is a wonderful place to mine for many gemstones, including rubies, garnets, aquamarine, sapphires, and more. Have your stones cut to whatever size you like, and you can also get them made into beautiful jewelry.

All equipment is provided, and the staff is ready to assist you with whatever you need. The gift shop holds some of their finest jewelry, rock decor, and more! They partake in special events, and there’s even an online store to check out.

Mystery Hill Gem Mining

12 - Mystery Hill, NC

Mystery Hill provides one of the nicest gem mining experiences you can have in the Boone and Blowing Rock NC area. The Prospector Hill Gem Mine is even indoors!

Miners can purchase a few different sized "mine rough bags" to use for mining, including one with real fossils.

Kids can sift through the dirt to find shiny gemstones from all around the world, that they can take home. They’ll even get a colorful miner’s helmet to remember their Mystery Hill Gem Mining adventure!

13 - Maggie Valley Rock Shop and Gem Mine NC

Visit Maggie Valley Gem Mining, Rock Shop and Jewelry with the whole family for a fun time mining for gems! Visitors can purchase raw bags and sift the contents using flowing water to find hidden gems.

Be sure the visit the really exceptional and cool Rock Shop for a unique and beautiful gift shop. They have tons of items, including memorabilia, geodes, fossils, and very large gem and minerals as well.

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