Leave No Trace – How you can help

You probably arrived here from our Leave No Trace in the Blue Ridge Mountains page.  If not, be sure to head over and read that article to learn all about the negative impact people are currently having on the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.  

You will also learn about how we can all make a significant difference by practicing the 7-principles of Leave No Trace.  We do not want these beautiful mountains to pay the price of our enjoyment and carelessness.

1 - Commit to making a difference

This is critical.  Together, through responsibility, caring, and good stewardship, we CAN make a difference and stop the negative impact we're having.

We share lots of content and guides here at Blue Ridge Mountain Life, all intended to help you find beautiful places to visit, hiking trails, and waterfalls here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  If you use our guides and/or follow on social media, like Facebook, we ask that you join us in following the 7-Principles of Leave No Trace whenever you visit these mountains.

We appreciate your commitment! Please share the concepts of Leave No Trace, and encourage others to visit this page to commit as well.

2 - Share our Leave No Trace in the Blue Ridge Content

In addition to our photos, videos, and guides, we will begin sharing content specific to the principles of Leave No Trace on social media.  As influencers, we want to help educate people on the negative impact we're having, and how together, we can make a positive difference.

We want to help everyone be good stewards when visiting these majestic mountains.  We want our Blue Ridge Mountains to remain pristine, so that others can enjoy them for generations to come! 

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