9 Best Restaurants in Hendersonville NC (2024)

Welcome to the charming city of Hendersonville, North Carolina. In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains about 30 minutes south of Asheville, this historic city delivers a vibrant dining scene, making it a culinary destination worth exploring. During our recent visit to Hendersonville, NC we dined at some of the very best restaurants in Hendersonville, NC.   

Hendersonville is most well known for apples, but this beautiful and modern small mountain town has wonderful places to enjoy some great food and plenty of things to see and do as well.

How did they compare to the many other restaurants we've tried during our mountain town visits? We'll let you know! We have compiled a list of our personal picks for the best restaurants in Hendersonville, NC, ranging from pizza joints to upscale eateries.

These are all restaurants we dined at during our visits to Hendersonville, NC over the years and these are picks from our own personal experience.

Alright, enough chatter! Grab your fork, and let's go eat some great food at the very best restaurants in Hendersonville, NC!

Updated: 7/15/2024

Disclosure: Visit Hendersonville invited us and meals and activities were complimentary; however, all opinions, information, and photos are our own and they did not ask us to influence our thoughts, comments, or the content of this article. All opinions are our own - we believe in putting our readers first.

Best Restaurants in Hendersonville NC

Best Restaurants in Hendersonville NC

Great restaurants are a combination of excellent food, outstanding atmosphere, and attentive service. In Hendersonville NC, the choices for magnificent spots to eat are virtually endless. Hendersonville really delivers.

We've tried many of the different Hendersonville restaurants over the years during our many visits to this wonderful North Carolina mountain town, but the list below contains our personal favorites. These restaurants deliver great food time and time again.

You won't be disappointed!


Photo of the outside of Postero, which is in a large brick building with windows on a street corner in downtown Hendersonville NC

Postero is an upscale but casual restaurant in an old bank building in downtown Hendersonville proved to be one of our favorites during our recent visit.

This two-story restaurant serves up "a dash of modern-day flavor to the traditional recipes we’ve loved for so long". They offer a full bar, and an open kitchen as well, that was busy yet never frantic, the entire time we were there.

The menu includes starters like Shrimp Ceviche, Burrata Toast, and Pork Belly and Watermelon.

For entrees, the menu includes: Steak, scallops, chicken, pork tenderloin, and pan roasted salmon.

We started off with the Burrata Toast, which was excellent, and then we ordered the Steak and Pan Roasted Salmon.

The Steak was sliced, grilled 8 oz. bistro tender, summer corn & tomato salad, avocado, sunflower seed chili crisp, and queso blanco. The Salmon was pan roasted salmon, summer panzanella with tomatoes, Red Onions, cucumbers, summer squash, warm back & whole grain mustard vinaigrette.

Both dishes were absolutely fantastic, and the array of flavors was super fresh and blended wonderfully together.   We really enjoyed our entrees immensely.

We saved a little room for dessert and ordered the Banana and peanut butter pudding and the dark chocolate pot de creme. Both, just wonderful, and not too large as well.

Our meal at Postero was one of the best we've had anywhere, and we look forward to returning on our next visit to Hendersonville.


Exterior photo of shine restaurant with its gree umbrella covered outdoor seating and brick building.

We loved Shine as well, also in downtown Hendersonville. It is a cozy spot intended for gathering with friends and enjoying some of the most creative dishes in town.

We began our visit by arriving about an hour prior to our reservations and heading up to the top of the restaurant to hang out at their rooftop bar. There is plenty of bar space and tables that all provide a delightful view of the surrounding city.  

We enjoyed a few drinks, relaxing and talking until it was time to head downstairs for our reservations. One note on the rooftop bar: they only serve drinks, no food.

We were seated at a nice table towards the front of the restaurant, facing the downtown area. To start with, we ordered some drinks and the stuffed shitake mushrooms as an appetizer. They were amazing and topped with delicious hollandaise sauce.

While waiting for the mushrooms, we looked over their pretty large menu and tried to narrow down our selections.   We finally asked our server for her recommendations and ended up going with the shrimp tortellini and crab cakes.

Both dishes came out quickly from the kitchen. The shrimp tortellini was beautiful, with the multi-colored pasta and topped with fresh parmesan cheese. It tasted even better than it looked! The crab cakes were great as well, and Chesapeake Bay style and served on top of rice.

Despite being full, we couldn't resist ordering dessert after our server's enticing us with the menu. We ended up trying the cheesecake and berry cobbler. Later we learned their multiple pastry chefs make their desserts in house. The desserts were fabulous, and that cheesecake was huge.

The food and atmosphere at Shine was excellent and our server was just wonderful, helpful and attentive.  We really enjoyed both the rooftop bar and our dinner in the dining room. We'll definitely be back, and in fact, we ended up visiting the rooftop bar again before we left Hendersonville.

They even have a roof-top bar that serves drinks only, but provides nice seating and rooftop views of the town. We hung out here a couple of nights during our visit. Definitely a great place to visit before or after dinner at Shine, or just to take a break while visiting downtown Hendersonville.


Photo of the front of Mezzaluna Restaurant in Hendersonville NC. Photos shows the brick front, and outdoor seating with red umbrella covers.

Located alongside the charming shops and historic buildings of downtown Hendersonville NC is Mezzaluna Brick Oven and Tap House.

From the moment you step through the doors of this casual and contemporary eatery, you'll feel the inviting atmosphere that is reminiscent of a rustic Italian trattoria, complete with a roaring wood-fired oven that fills the air with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked pizza, their speciality.

While their main offering is brick oven pizza and cold beer, they serve up, they also have lots of other Italian flavors and menu options.   

Their outdoor seating was full, so we fortunately got a seat indoors near the large front windows, which provided a pleasant view of the happenings in downtown Hendersonville. 

We started with some wine and a cold local draft beer, then ordered the Grouper bites as an appetizer, followed by a pizza for our entrée. We're big grouper fans, and the bites were delicious. I'll admit, we were skeptical, but we ordered them based on a recommendation from our server.  

Our pizza arrived shortly after we finished the grouper, and the pizza was excellent. Not too greasy, and cooked just right, with that classic brick oven taste, smell, and texture. They definitely know how to make a great pizza.

We were eating there for lunch and passed on the desserts. I'm glad we did, as the food was plenty enough for us for lunch and then some.

If you enjoy a great pizza with a cold beer, Mezzaluna should be your go to place when visiting Hendersonville!

Flat Rock Wood Room

Located just a few minutes from down Hendersonville is Flat Rock Wood Room, which specializes in a unique combination of food: BBQ and Neopolitan Pizza. The theme common theme here is "wood-fired", and the food is amazing.

Flat Rock Wood Room is located in a very large old home with a huge front porch that offers outdoor seating. As soon as you step into the Flat Rock Wood Room, you're greeted by a warm, rustic ambiance, evoking the feeling of a cozy mountain cabin. The wooden interiors, coupled with the aroma of wood-fired pizza and barbecue, set the stage for a dining experience that's as comforting as it is delicious.

The menu is a mouth watering mix of barbecue meats, gourmet wood-fired brick oven pizzas, other wood-fire food options and traditional southern sides. Each dish, from the succulent pulled pork to the crispy, chewy pizza crust, is a testament to the flavor provided by cooking with wood.

We started off with some wood-fired cheese bread, with an oil and herb dipping sauce. Absolutely fantastic.

While munching on the bread, we agonized over what to choose from all the wonderful sounding menu items. Our waitress finally gave us a few recommendations, and we ordered. Being a huge shrimp and grits fan, I had to try their BBQ shrimp and grits and Jenn ordered the burnt ends.  Both dishes were fantastic tasting, and very unique.  

The smoky BBQ sauce on the shrimp and grits really made the dish, and not only gave it a unique and delicious flavor, but made the overall dish different from any other shrimp and grits dish I had tried. In fact, I would say this was my favorite shrimp and grits I've ever had.

The burnt ends were moist, hot, and covered in a deliciously smoky and sweet sauce. Again, just excellent and very well prepared.

I want to say that Flat Rock Wood Room is a real hidden gem in Hendersonville, but given how full the parking lot was, I'm not really sure how hidden it is anymore.

Regardless, it's definitely a place you should have on your must visit list. The food at Flat Rock Wood Room is just wonderful, and the wood-fired flavor that is added to nearly every dish on the menu really makes it stand out.

The Book & Bee

The Book & Bee Hendersonville NC

We love exploring and uncovering the hidden gems of charming small mountain towns. We recently had the pleasure of visiting The Book & Bee in Hendersonville, NC.

The Book & Bee wasn't what we expected during our first visit, but it sure turned out to be a wonderful surprise, and one of our favorite places to eat in Hendersonville, NC. The Book & Bee is an English-style cafe and Tea room, that delivers a unique atmosphere, excellent food and tea.

While we think everyone will just love this small English themed cafe, tea and book lovers will quickly fall in love with this wonderful cafe.

Our adventure started as we walked up the stack of books that serve as the stairway to the entrance.  

The restaurant features multiple themed dining areas.  Each one has a different English theme, with tons of little details to find and explore. The attention to detail amazed us, and the owners did a fantastic job of decorating the restaurant and adding interest.

You'll enter the garden room to be seated. Other rooms include the Jubilee Room, featuring British royalty. The Stratford room, and finally the Eagle and Child Room, which feature English literature.

We sat in the Eagle and Child Room, which we loved and is our personal favorite with items from CS Lewis, Tolkien, JK Rowling and more!

While the atmosphere and decor is whimsical and fun, what really stands out is the tea and food. Even the menu itself is enjoyable to read with things like chapters, plot twists, and sub-plots!

We began our culinary adventure with some Gatsby Bourbon hot tea coupled with some brown sugar cubes. We skipped on the cream, per a recommendation from our server. Yes, we're not near as experienced with tea as we are coffee!

For lunch, we ordered the artichoke and spinach quiche with fruit, and mushroom and brie soup. We also tried the Gandalf's Fancy Grilled Cheese with red pepper soup. Both were fantastic and brought to our table hot and freshly made. Just writing about the feed makes us want to head back, the food was SO good.

We really enjoyed talking to the two ladies next to us, who were curious about us taking all the photos. They are regulars and highly recommended that we try the deserts. Unfortunately, we ran out of time, but our server was kind enough to give us a blueberry scone for the road, which was delicious!

We hope to return soon so we can try their desserts and update you on those as well!

We wrapped up our visit with Lesley and Victoria, the mother and daughter owners, giving us the full tour. For those of you that enjoy supporting family and locally owned businesses, you'll definitely want to visit.

 The Book & Bee Cafe and Tea offers a unique and charming dining experience in Hendersonville, NC. It's a wonderful spot to enjoy the experience of an English Cafe without the extra travel costs!

Silo Cookhouse at the Horseshoe Farm

Sunset at The Silo Cookhouse at Horseshoe Farm

The Silo Cookhouse is a farm to table dining experience that offers high-end food in a unique dinner party atmosphere. The restaurant was previously only open to guests of the farm, but recently opened to the public.  

Not only can you enjoy a wonderful, fresh and delightful dinner, but you can explore the farm as well or just relax next to the firepit with a drink and watch the sunset. We did all the above during our visit and had a wonderful time.

As you make your way onto the farm and towards the restaurant, you'll enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. The farm alone is just stunning.

The restaurant is in a historic farm building on a small hill, overlooking the farm. The restaurant delivers wonderful views of the farm, and is perfectly situated so you can enjoy the sunset while enjoying your meal.

We entered and were immediately greeted by the friendly staff, who sat us down at the end of a very large table that resembled a picnic table, but much nicer. The restaurant offers what we can best describe as family style seating. There are two main tables that are large and accommodate many guests; hence the dinner party atmosphere.

The menu at Silo Cookhouse changes every few months, based on the season and availability of fresh ingredients. Their spring menu had just been released during our visit, and was full of a number of delicious looking items. The executive chef, Daniel Williams, came out to our table, introduced himself, and went over the menu items. He highlighted several items he was fond and proud of. Him taking the time to visit the table personally was a nice touch, and appreciated.

For our appetizers, we started off with a Smoked Tomato Rici, who chef Williams said was based on his grandmother's recipe and the Poblano cheese. In addition, the chef sent out the mushroom toast, and a preserve plate (housemade pickle and preserves) to taste as well. All were wonderful, and we particularly enjoyed the Smoked Tomato Rici and the preserve plate.

The smoked Tomato Rici was honestly the highlight of the evening for us. Absolutely fresh and flavorful.

For entrees, we enjoyed the Fresh Catch, and the house made Taliatelle pasta. Both were delicious, in particular the house pasta. The fresh strawberry relish on the fish really complimented the flavors.

While we were full, we had to try their in-house made desserts. We ordered the Pavlova, as we had never tried it before, and the Charlotte Royale, which was a strawberry mousse with strawberry jam. Both were fantastic and were a great way to wrap up our dinner.

After enjoying our huge and delicious meal, we ventured out onto the farm to walk off some of those calories and explore the beautiful farm some. Be sure to walk up the very tight stairs in the Silo next to the restaurant. You'll be treated to some nice views and some encouraging messages from visitors.

The outdoor patio with firepit is super nice as well. Be sure to grab a drink and relax by the fire as the sun sets over the mountains. It's a great way to wrap up a wonderful evening at Horseshoe Farm, and The Silo Cookhouse.

Mike's on Main

Photo of Mikes on Main in Hendersonville, taken at an angle from downtown Hendersonville NC

Mike's on Main is another great spot in downtown Hendersonville. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the menu has all your comfort food favorites. It's a great place to visit if you're looking for something laid back and casual when dining out.

Mike's on Main has its roots in Hendersonville history because it occupies the former Justus Pharmacy, a landmark in Hendersonville that dates back to 1890. Mike's on Main preserves an air of nostalgia while serving up delicious food.

Step inside, the vintage soda fountain shop ambiance is as much a part of the dining experience as the food itself. The original pharmacy cabinets, antique soda fountain, and checkered floor all contribute to a unique, retro atmosphere that's both cozy, inviting and familiar to an older generation.

Mike's on Main's menu is not on delicious, but diverse as well, offering a range of items including soups, salads, and sandwiches.  Where Mike's really shines is breakfast. 

Breakfast standouts are the Breakfast specials, the breakfast Monte Cristo, and the biscuits and gravy. They even have my favorite, eggs benedict as well.

Patrons also rave about the salads, Patty Melt and milkshakes, which are touted as some of the best in town. Mike's even serves breakfast all day.

The staff at Mike's on Main add to the overall experience with their expertise and friendly demeanor. They're locally known for creating a comfortable atmosphere, making each visitor feel welcomed. 

With its rich history, charming ambiance, and mouthwatering menu, Mike's on Main is a must-visit destination when exploring the top restaurants in Hendersonville. We highly recommend a visit to Mike's on Main for breakfast.

Campfire Grill in Flatrock

Campfire Grill in Flatrock

Located in Flat Rock, just a few minutes from Hendersonville, NC is Campfire Grill a rustic summer camp themed restaurant for those looking for great food, in a casual and friendly atmosphere. While there is definitely an array of menu options here, for those that love comfort food like we do, you won't be disappointed.

The restaurant was busy when we arrived, and we were happy to see that outdoor seating was available. Walking in, we found that the Campfire Grill feels like you're entering a rustic camp lodge, with wooden accents, cozy seating, and an overall ambiance of a summer camp. There are even photos and memorabilia from local summer camps all around the restaurant.

The weather was just gorgeous the day we visited for brunch, so we elected to sit outside.

The brunch menu was definitely different from the more traditional brunch menu options, and that is a good thing.  We found lots of delicious sounding brunch items and had a tough time deciding what to get.

For example, there was a traditional Eggs Benedict and Quiche, but also shrimp and grits, a bread pudding entrée, and even two different burgers. Of course, they have brunch drinks as well, including Mimosas and a Bloody Mary.

We elected to start off with the Smoked Fish Dip made from smoked Trout and Salmon. The dip was served with some brown butter saltine crackers that, when coupled with the dip were fantastic.

For entrees we went with the Shrimp and Grits and Apple Caramel Bread Pudding.   

The shrimp and grits is stone ground grits served with shrimp, bacon, mushrooms, green onions and parmesan. We're not sure how they seasoned it, but it was divine. One of the best shrimp and grits dishes I've had in our travels.

The highlight of our meal was the Apple Caramel Bread Pudding, absolutely fantastic. Hot and fresh bread pudding topped with cinnamon apples, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. 

We really enjoyed sitting outside, relaxing in the beautiful weather, and enjoying their delicious food.   

For those visiting the Hendersonville area, a trip to Campfire Grill in Flat Rock, NC, is well worth the short drive. Campfire Grill is a real hidden gem, with excellent food and service. 

Binion's Roadhouse

Binion's Roadhouse Hendersonville NC

Looking for a great steak, with a little flavor of the Old West? Look no further than Binion's Roadhouse in Hendersonville, NC. Known for its hearty steaks, large portions, mouthwatering BBQ, and friendly, laid-back atmosphere. You can even throw the peanut shells on the floor, old-school style.

We were looking for a budget priced steak while visiting Hendersonville, and Binion's kept coming up from various locals, and received great reviews. So we gave them a try.

Binion's is hard to miss when passing through Hendersonville, NC. It literally looks like an old west town in the middle of the city. But it's just one big restaurant.

The Western theme is through the restaurant and includes large rustic woodon doors (complete with western pistol door knobs), lots of large wooden beams, vintage signs, cowboy memorabilia and even a few special items including: Popcorn Sutton's last moonshine still and the Carl Sanburg Oak.

Binion's delivers an above average and expected steak house experience. There's a bucket of peanuts on the table. You get hot yeast rolls and butter without asking, and the menu is full of different steak, chicken, burger and comfort food items.

The place was hopping, but we were seated quickly. We browsed the large menu, which included: 

  • Steaks: Hand-cut and cooked to perfection, Binion's steaks are a highlight of the menu. The ribeye and filet mignon are particularly popular, known for their tenderness and rich, savory flavor.
  • BBQ Ribs: Smoked low and slow, the BBQ ribs at Binion's are fall-off-the-bone delicious, smothered in a tangy, house-made BBQ sauce.
  • Burgers and Sandwiches: Offering a variety of options, from the classic Binion's Burger to the hearty BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, these dishes are perfect for a casual lunch or dinner.
  • Seafood: For those in the mood for seafood, the grilled salmon and fried shrimp platters are excellent choices, providing a fresh, flavorful alternative to the meat-heavy menu.

We started off with their fried pickles and ordered filets with steamed broccoli for our entrees. The yeast roles arrived and were huge with a bunch of rolls. They were delicious, and we had to really restrain ourselves from eating all of them.   

The fried pickles arrived shortly after, and the portion size was huge. Are you seeing a pattern here? Turns out, Binion's is well known for generous portions, and do they ever deliver.   We could only eat about half the order of friend pickles.

Our filet's arrived next, cooked exactly as we ordered, and were delicious, especially for the price.

Binion's Roadhouse certainly isn't a gourmet restaurant, nor do we think they try to be. They deliver great food, sizeable portions, all for a very reasonable price and with great service. All that is required for a fantastic dining experience.

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