Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Colors

Fall Photo Excursion Day 3 – Blue Ridge Parkway and Graveyard Fields

We finally got some decent weather today for day 3 of our fall photo excursion.  We set out early to get up on The Blue Ridge Parkway for the early morning sunlight and in hopes that the mist and clouds would be settled into the valley.   Turns out, it was an outstanding day.  The colors, sky and leaves were beautiful.   We considered heading to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, but heard that the crowds were heavy.   We still might head over this weekend, but we’re not real fond of big crowds.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Colors

The colors at the 4000 foot and below elevations are really starting to shine, making the views from the parkway very colorful.   We did note that some of the trees at the 5000 foot  and above elevations are missing their leaves.  So now is the time to see the higher elevation color, it’s going fast!

Here are some of the pictures we took this morning as we made our way to Graveyard fields.

Blue Ridge Parkway Fall 2013

Blue Ridge Parkway Fall 2013

Parkway Fall Leaves

Blue Ridge Parkway NC Fall

Blue Ridge Parkway Fall

Graveyard Fields

We’ve been trying to get up to Graveyard Fields and down to the falls during some sunny weather all week.  Well we finally made it today!   Here are some of our photos:








Heading Home

We spent most of the morning down at the falls taking pictures and just enjoying to cool crisp air and the wonderful sounds of the falls. As we were heading back, we saw this from the road:

The Parkway heading home

The clouds literally looked like a huge wave coming through the sky.

The bad part was Jenn got stung shortly after this by a “cold drunk” bumble bee.  The bee got on her pants and stung her twice when she sat down in the truck 🙁

Hope you enjoy viewing these as much as we enjoyed venturing out and taking them!

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