Swimming Holes Blue Ridge Mountains

Skinny Dip Falls
Graveyard Fields Lower FallsThe Blue Ridge Mountains are full of creeks, streams and waterfalls.  As a result, there are plenty of natural swimming holes that are not only beautiful to see, but fun to swim in, especially on a hot summer day!  Some are on the beaten path, and popular with locals and tourists, others are known mostly to the locals in the area.  Guess what?   Fortunately for you, that’s us ;-)  Our articles give you all the details like: how to find them, tips for having the best time while you’re there, optimal times, and lots and lots of photos.

This page lists of all of our favorite Blue Ridge Mountain Swimming Holes such as: Sliding Rock, Midnight Hole, Skinny Dip Falls, and Graveyard Fields.

Little Bradley Falls NC

Little Bradley Falls is an exceptionally beautiful 50 foot multi-tiered waterfall near Saluda, North Carolina. This gorgeous waterfall is at the end of an easy and almost two mile roundtrip hike. Location: Green River Game Area, near Saluda ...
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Sunburst Swimming Hole

Sunburst Swimming Hole is a popular Swimming Hole, located near Bethal, NC and just below Cold Mountain along Highway 215 in Western NC.   The Swimming hole is easily accessed and has a small "beach like" area.  Sunburst is very popular with both ...
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Rainbow Falls NC

Rainbow Falls NC is an beautiful and majestic waterfall located deep inside Pisgah National Forest, near Sapphire, NC.  This waterfall will make an impression as it's over 150 foot tall, and it's flow is heavy, especially after a recent rain ...
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Turtleback Falls NC

Turtleback Falls NC is an amazing and popular sliding rock and swimming hole, located deep inside Pisgah National Forest, near Sapphire, NC.  Turtleback Falls is uniquely shaped, offering the ability to climb up to the top, and then sliding back ...
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Top 10 Blue Ridge Mountain Swimming Holes

Updated: 8/1/2016!  Looking for a great swimming hole in the Blue Ridge Mountains?   With all of the great waterfalls, rivers, and creeks there are tons of places to swim.  But 10 "swimming holes" in particular stand out to us as ...
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Sliding Rock NC

Looking for some summertime water fun in the Blue Ridge Mountains?  Look no further than Sliding Rock NC.  People and families have been coming to Sliding Rock NC, located in Pisgah National Park in NC for years and years. Location:  On Highway ...
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Looking Glass Falls

Looking Glass rock, located near Brevard NC in Pisgah National Forest is one of the most popular waterfalls in The Blue Ridge mountains and the most visited waterfall in North Carolina.  Not only is Looking Glass Falls large and beautiful, it's ...
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Skinny Dip Falls Blue Ridge Parkway

For the past couple of years, we had heard about Skinny Dip Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but had never actually hiked down to it.   On a whim, this past Saturday afternoon, we had been out to Looking Glass Falls in Brevard, NC and decided to take ...
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Deep Creek Tubing

At the end of June, we decided to go hiking on Deep Creek loop trail due to the great trails, and the ability to see three different waterfalls.  We loved the hike and the waterfalls, but what caught our attention the most was all of the people ...
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Deep Creek Loop Trail

We've heard a lot of people in the area say that Deep Creek, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was a great place to visit, but had never been there ourselves.   We decided to take a family hike on Deep Creek loop trail, and really ...
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