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Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Colors

Fall Photo Excursion Day 3 – Blue Ridge Parkway and Graveyard Fields

We finally got some decent weather today for day 3 of our fall photo excursion.  We set out early to get up on The Blue Ridge Parkway for the early morning sunlight and in hopes that the mist and clouds would be settled into the valley.   Turns out, it was an outstanding day.  The […]

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Mingo Falls Featured

Fall Photo Excursion Day 2 – Blue Ridge Fall Foliage and Waterfalls

For Day 2 of our Fall Photo Excursion, we headed out to Mingo Falls, Soco Falls and also drove on the Parkway and into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Our morning started off with a bang as we headed down our mountain and out to the main road.  While passing some corn fields, we […]

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Fall Photo Excursion Day 1 – Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Foliage

Jenn and I dropped the kids off at school this morning, grabbed some breakfast at the Waffle House in Waynesville (an incredibly great place to eat breakfast) and headed up the parkway to get some pictures of the nearly at peak Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Foliage. Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Foliage The entire morning was […]

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Grave yard fields red color

Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Foliage 2013 – October 2nd

We went up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and also drove over into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park this morning, and captured some really great photos of both the early morning mist and the current Blue Ridge Parkway fall foliage. You may be thinking, “but I thought the parks were closed”.  Well, officially they […]

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Barber Orchard Apples in the Bin

Barber Orchard Fruitstand – Fall Apples

Last weekend, we decided to take a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway and then stop by Barber Orchards Fruitstand in Waynesville, NC on the way back home.  Barber Orchard is the premier place to buy fresh apples and homemade apple products in the Waynesville area.  They even grow the apple trees right there on […]

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Navitat Asheville Lar

Navitat Asheville – Ziplining at it’s best

In 2010 we visited Navitat Asheville for the first time with our church group.  Being one that is pretty afraid of heights, I honestly wasn’t too thrilled at the idea, but I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. Navitat was my first zip lining experience, and honestly caused me […]

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Waterrock Knob – Blue Ridge Parkway

Waterrock Knob is a mountain peak located off The Blue Ridge Parkway.  Waterrock Knob is the 16th highest mountain peak in the Eastern United States and is 6,292 feet high.  Waterrock Knob is a popular destination on the parkway due to it’s almost 360 degree view from the parking lot, and the short and moderate […]

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Midnight Hole

Midnight Hole – Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Midnight Hole is a deep and scenic pool below a 6 foot waterfall.  The pool the falls are part of the Big Creek section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Midnight hole is a popular swimming destination for adults, teens and families.   There are a number of large rocks around the pool, and due to […]

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Hen Wallow Falls Tall

Hen Wallow Falls


Hen Wallow Falls is a 90 foot waterfall, located in the Cosby TN area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is a unique waterfall, that begins at the top less than two foot wide, and cascades down along the rocks to more than 20 foot wide at the bottom. While not one of […]

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