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Fly Fishing Line – The Basics

Let’s face the facts, fly fishing looks easy, but once you start to getting into the details, it can get a a bit complicated.   A perfect example of this is fly fishing line.  Ever been to your local fly fishing store and browsed the wall containing fly fishing line?  There are tons of colors, […]

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Types of Fly Fishing Flies

Fly Fishing Flies – The Three Types

Fly fishing flies are one of the most important parts of your fly fishing gear.  The Fly is what the fish ultimately sees, and determines whether the fish bites or not. If you’ve visited your local fly fishing store or browsed around online, you’ll quickly learn that there more flies than you can count!  literally […]

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Barbless Hooks Featured

Barbless hooks vs. Barbed hooks – A Comparative Analysis

Fly Fishing is a very popular hobby and for some a profession. Though, it might look easy, fly fishing requires both skill and experience.  Fly fishing also takes a good amount of patience to catch a fish, although you do stay more active than traditional fishing due to more frequent casting. In addition to skill and […]

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Fly fishing Leaders and Tippets

Fly Fishing Leaders and Tippets

The fly fishing leaders and tippets along with the flies are the three most  important parts in fly fishing. Presentation of the fly on the water plays an important role in fly fishing. Fly fishing line come in a variety of colors, from plain black to a very striking hot pink.  The fish themselves don’t care about the color, because […]

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Fly Fishing for Beginners – A Complete Guide

So you want to learn to fly fish?  Wonderful!  Fly fishing is a fun and amazing sport and hobby.  It gets you up close and personal with the serenity and peace of nature, yet provides the sporting challenge of out smarting the fish. Fly fishing seems quit overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, this Fly Fishing […]

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What is Fly Fishing

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly Fishing is a technique for catching fish where the bait (often looking like a fly) is presented on the top of the water for fish.  The technique is designed to appear to the fish as if a bug or invertebrate has landed on the top of the water or slightly below the waters surface. […]

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How to fly fish

Fly fishing is a popular and relaxing sport that brings together a number of very attractive and fun aspects.   While the goal is certainly to catch a fish, and of course “the big one”.  There are many other interesting and challenging aspects to fly fishing including: Obtaining the “perfect cast” Enjoyment, learning and experience […]

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