Blue Ridge Parkway Photography Facebook Group Rules


The Blue Ridge Parkway Photography Facebook group is a Facebook Group for sharing photos and/or video of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive.  Immediate areas, within a few miles of the Parkway or Skyline drive, are included.  Feel free to share your Parkway photos or photos taken by others with appropriate attribution and permission

Group Rules:

In order to ensure the purpose of the group is achieved, we’ve established a set of Community Rules and Guidelines.  These are subject to change as needed.  When they are revised, a formal announcement will be made in the group.

By joining the group and posting, you agree to adhere and follow these guidelines (even if you haven’t read them).

What IS NOT allowed in the Blue Ridge Parkway Photography Facebook group:

  • Rude Behavior.  You are expected to be friendly and civil.  Rude comments or posts will be removed.
  • Foul or inappropriate language is NOT allowed.   Posts containing such language will be removed.  We want this group to be family friendly.
  • Posting of photos without location information – Posts should include the Milepost, section of the parkway or some type of reference indicating where it was taken on the Parkway.
  • No affiliate links or referral links allowed unless you are the founder, a group admin or have received approval from the founder of a group admin prior to sharing the link.
  • Sharing about your service is allowed IF you are responding to an existing inquiry.  Do not start a thread about sharing services that you provide (i.e. blatant selling).
  • Sharing of photos that are not yours, unless you have permission from the photographer or unless you properly attribute the photographer.  
  • Sharing of photos that are NOT from the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline Drive or immediate areas surrounding either of them.   
  • Posting about your direct sales business, social media page or website (fat burning products, vitamins, essential oils, etc).
  • Blocking admins or moderators – If you block and admin or moderator for ANY reason, you will be permanantly removed from the group.
  • Blatant advertising like “Here’s my photo, please like my page and visit my website”.  These will be removed. Links to your website, instagram, etc are allowed, but only links. No sales text.
  • Sharing of other pages or groups, related or not.  Sharing of other Facebook pages OR Groups must be approved by an admin first.
  • Advertising – For now we will allow NO adverting or paid posts in the group.  Sharing excessive links to your website or blog is considered advertising, especially when that is your only group activity.
  • Links to Contests/Giveaways – This is to protect the safety and privacy of our members because we cannot validate contests or free giveaways.
  • Fund Raisers – No GoFundMe or similar links or posts will be allowed without express approval of the founder PRIOR to the post being made.   Any non-approved GoFundMe like posts will be removed.
  • Posts that show any prejudice against any religion, nationality, race, relationship status, blog niche, sexual preference, age or anything similar will be removed and the posting member most likely removed from the group.

Postings and/or comments that violate these guidelines will be immediately removed without explanation.  Continued posts that are against the guideline by the same member will result in their removal from the group (Please don’t make us have to do this).

Decisions by the founder and/or Admin and Moderators are final.

What IS allowed, and encouraged:

  • Posting Photos
  • Posting Video
  • Asking for advice related to Photography and photography on the Parkway
  • Photographers with pages and/or websites are welcome to include them in their posts BUT please just include a link.  Avoid things like “Like my page” or “Visit my website” – Advertising sales, or print discounts, etc is prohibited.

If you’re joining primarily to sell your services, your wares, or yourself – This is NOT the group for you – So please don’t join.  Spammers will not be tolerated.

Thank you!