Blue Ridge Mountain Photos

Welcome to the Blue Ridge Mountain Life Photo Gallery.  These are Blue Ridge Mountain photos taken by my wife and I over the past few years while we’re out and about at waterfalls, on The Blue Ridge Parkway, hiking, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or taking our kids to swimming holes.  We also included all of fall photos into a single album as well.   Make sure you check out our 2014 Fall Foliage Forecast and Guide.

Check below for information on the photography gear we use along with some tips for taking great photos in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Hope you enjoy!

Blue Ridge Mountain Photos

Our Gear

We use Canon DSLR cameras.   Jenn uses a Canon T3i and I use a Canon T2i.  Jenn shoots with either the standard 18-55mm zoom or Canon EF 75-300mm zoom lens.  I prefer to use a single Canon EF 28-135mm lens.

We both use Polarizing filters, tripods, canon remote shutters, and Canon Backpack camera bags.

Tips for taking great photos of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Here are a few tips for taking great photos of the Blue Ridge Mountains:

  • Use a Polarizing Filter to cut glare, increase color, and deepen contrast.  Buy the best one you can afford.
  • Bring a tripod so you can take time lapse photos of waterfalls, creeks and and streams.
  • When taking long distance landscape photos, use landscape mode on your camera, or manually adjust your aperture to be as high as possible.
  • Always shoot with the lowest ISO setting for the best quality.
  • To get photos without people in them, follow the before 10 rule.  Generally you’ll want to be at photo locations before 10am, which is when most visitors and tourists begin to arrive.  For very popular areas, you’ll want to be there before 9am.
  • Avoid midday, as the lighting is generally too harsh.  Try to be at locations in the morning or evening, when the sunlight is less direct.
  • Pro tip for fall foliage photos – Take pictures after it rains, the colors will be brighter and more vivid.
  • To capture the “blue” look of the Blue Ridge, take your photos very early when the sun first begins to rise OR late in the evening, just after it drops below the horizon.

Good luck, and make sure you share your photos with us on our Facebook page!

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