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Boost traffic to your webpage by advertising here on Blue Ridge Mountain Life!

Blue Ridge Mountain Life currently receives more than 3,000 visits and 6,000 page views per month and is growing each month!   This level of traffic provides a high level of exposure to your advertisements.  Not only does our website receive a large amount of traffic, but our Facebook page has over 30,000 Fans, and receives a high number of visits per day.   Your ad placement will include at least one mention on our Facebook page per WEEK while your ad is placed.

We provide the following advertising options:

Website Advertising Placements


Reserve an Ad Placement

Ad placements DO NOT include our Blue Ridge Mountain Fall Colors Forecast and Guide.  This page has unique advertising.  You can find out more details below in the Fall Colors Page section below.

To reserve an ad placement  or obtain additional information, please use the contact form below.   All ads are subject to review and approval.  Final approval is at the discretion of the site owners and some ads may not be approved.   Payment is accepted via Paypal only.   Longer term discounts can be arranged for 6-month and 1 year placements. Please let us know if you are interested in that option.

Advertisers are expected to provide their own graphics that are professional and blend well with our site.  If you are unable to provide your own graphics and need something professional developed, we can design a graphic for you for $65.00 that you will own or $25.00 dollars for a graphic that we will own.

Please contact us using the form below.  Thank you for your interest and for supporting our website!

Advertising on our Fall Colors Forecast and Guide

fall-color-guideWe have a seasonal page that gets featured on our website starting in early August and remains featured through end of October of each year.   We are always looking for new partners!  You can view the 2014 page here.  Ad placements are available in multiple locations and are sold for the August – end of October timeframe.  Locations and costs are as follows:

  1. In the page content at the very top.  This is a premium position and only 1 position 300×250 position is available.  Cost: $300.00
  2. In the page content below the page content.  There are multiple positions available of varying sizes.  Costs range from $55 – $250.00 depending on size.
  3. In the sidebar, there are multiple 300×250 slots available at a cost of $100.00 each.

Please contact using the form below for questions or to reserve your spot!

Facebook Cover

This option is specifically targeting at photographers. Photographers can have their image of choice as the header of our Facebook page, which has more than 30,000 likes and reaches more than 150,000 people a week!

Cost: $75/month, limited to two months back to back.

Cover placements reserved when payment is received and in order of payment received.
All images are subject to review and approval before placement is accepted. No text is allowed on the image, but the hover over text and cover photo text can contain your message of choice along with a link to your website and/or Facebook page. Messages are also subject to approval.

Please contact us using the contact form below for more information or to reserve your cover page spot!

Partners Program

Please be sure and visit our Partners page as well, and consider becoming a Partner with Blue Ridge Mountain Life and have you business listed on one of our category pages!

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