15 Remarkable Photos of Winter on The Blue Ridge Parkway

Winter, ice and snow photos on the the Blue Ridge Parkway are rare.  Why?  Because during the majority of the winter, the Parkway is closed.   Many of these photos were taken by photographers willing to walk, hike, or bicycle miles along the parkway.   Their efforts are well worth it though, as you can see in these 15 Remarkable Photos of Winter on the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway.  For more information, visit our complete guide to the Parkway Guide.

Linn Cove Viaduct, NC

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  1. Lovely photo gallery! #4 was awesome and I especially loved # 15!

  2. If my situation were different I would move there in a heart beat. I love that area. My wife and I drove the entire Blue Ridge last year and loved it. The people we met along the way was a huge part of that.

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