Fall Foliage 2013 Tracker – Blue Ridge Mountains

Planning to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains this fall to see the fall foliage?  We’ve got you covered!   Below you’ll find the latest foliage photo from our house along with a fall color tracker.   Also, make sure you follow our Facebook page for all the latest updates as well!

Latest Fall Foliage Photo From Our House

Here are the latest fall foliage 2013 photo from our house, at 4,000 feet near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  This will give you an idea of what the colors actually look like.

Thursday, 11/12/2013 – The photo below was taken at 3:20pm on 11/12/2013.  Peak colors are all but gone.  A few leaves are still hanging around, but they are quickly blowing off.  Looking up at the mountains from the valleys below, shows mostly empty mountains and a typical winter look.   Most of the haze you see in this picture below isn’t fog or clouds, but snow.   Snow has been falling for the past couple of hours here at 4000 feet.

Blue Ridge Fall Foliage 11-12-2013

The foliage colors are all but gone from our house at 4000 feet on November 12, 2013. The haziness is due to snow falling.

Other photos we’ve taken of Blue Ridge Fall Foliage:

Here’s the Gallery with all of the fall tracking photos, just click to view!