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Max Patch Hiking – Hot Springs, NC

Located about 40 minutes from Hot Springs, NC is Max Patch Mountain, located in Pisgah National Forest.  Max Patch Mountain is a 4,600 foot "bald" that provides 360 degree views of the surrounding ...
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Black Balsam Knob Hiking

A really awesome and beautiful hike, that should definitely be on everyones "must do" list is Black ...
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Dupont State Forest – Waterfalls Trail

Dupont State Forest is a 10 thousand acre State Forest just outside of Brevard, NC.   One of the key ...
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Little River Trail

Little River Trail, located in the Elkmont area of the Great Smoky Mountains National is a fun trail ...
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Kephart Prong Trail – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

On Memorial Day, we took a family hike up Kephart Prong trail, located in the Great Smoky Mountains ...
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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Line – The Basics

Let's face the facts, fly fishing looks easy, but once you get start to getting into the details, it ...
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Fly Fishing Flies – The Three Types

Fly fishing flies are one of the most important parts of your fly fishing gear.  The Fly is what the ...
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Barbless hooks vs. Barbed hooks – A Comparative Analysis

Fly Fishing is a very popular hobby, and for some a profession. Though, it might look easy, ...
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Fly Fishing Leaders and Tippets

The fly fishing leaders and tippets along with the flies are the three most  important parts in fly ...
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The Black Bear Necessities

There has been a lot of talk recently on various Facebook groups and in the news about the amount of ...
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Day Hiking Essentials

The Blue Ridge Mountains offer more than 5,000 miles of hiking trails.   Many of these trails are ...
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Mountain Recipes

Cheesy Bacon Corn Chowder

With Fall here, and colder weather moving in, it's time to break out the soups and chowders.  This ...
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Cherokee Indian Taco Recipe

If you've ever been to Cherokee, NC, I'm sure you've seen the signs for Cherokee Indian Tacos.   ...
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Maple Snow Cream Recipe

With all of snow in the US this week, I thought it might be fun to share our Snow Cream Recipe with ...
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Creamy Cheddar and Bacon Macaroni Recipe – The best you’ll ever eat

Hey BRML readers, it's Larry.   I don't do the majority of cooking in the house, but I do like to ...
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Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe

One of our kids most favorite desserts during the holidays is Chocolate Pecan Pie.   This desert is ...
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